Faithville was a children's television program, that aired on TBN on Saturday mornings. It took place in a fictional town and incorporates such elements, such as a diner. Faithville covered Biblical topics for children using humor and everyday situations.


eason One

* Trusting and Knowing God
* Salvation
* Discipleship
* Baptism of the Holy Spirit
* Called to be Servants
* Godly Companions
* God the Giver
* Don't Compromise
* Seeds? Sow What!
* Seed that Brings a Blessed Heart
* Soil - It Isn't a Dirty Word
* Roots on the Rocks
* This is a Thorny Issue

eason Two

* The Buck Stops Here!
* Thoughts 'N Things 'R Thorns
* The Good Soil
* Abiding in the True Vine
* If the Lord is Pruning, Let Him Do His Fine Tuning
* The Holy Spirit's Moving in!
* The Fruit of the Spirit
* The Fruit of Love
* Love: The Most Excellent Way
* "Joy"...Unspeakable
* Peace
* Patience and Longsuffering

eason Three

* Goodness
* Faithfulness
* Gentleness
* Self-Control
* Water Baptism
* Tithing
* Communion: Part 1
* Communion: Part 2
* You're in the Army Now
* Know the Enemy and His Devices
* God's Power and Protection
* The Belt of Truth
* The Breastplate of Righteousness

eason Four

* Peace Shoes
* Shield of Faith
* Helmet of Salvation
* Sword of the Spirit
* Prayer Part I
* Prayer Part II
* Prayer Part III
* Envy
* Gossip
* Pride
* Anger
* Diligence
* Respect


* Christmas in Faithville
* Thanksgiving in Faithville
* Easter in Faithville
* The Reason for the Season


* Although Faithville is set in the United States, the show is taped in Canada (in Windsor, Ontario, which appropriately, is across the river from an American city, Detroit, Michigan).
* Some of the episodes have a laugh track.


Miss Charity's Diner

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