4th Division

4th Division

In military terms, 4th Division may refer to:

; Infantry divisions:
*4th Division (Australia)
*4th Infantry Division (Canada)
*4th Infantry Division (France)
*4th Moroccan Mountain Division (France)
*4th Luftwaffe Field Division (Germany)
*4th SS Polizei Division (Germany)
*4th Infantry Division (Imperial Japan)
*4th Infantry Division (India)
*4th Alpine Division (Italy)
*4th Division (North Korea)
*4th Infantry Division (Poland)
*4th Infantry Division (Romania)
*4th Guards Kantemirovskaya Tank Division (Russia)
*4th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
*4th Infantry Division (United Kingdom)
*4th Infantry Division (United States)
*4th Marine Division (United States)

; Cavalry divisions:
*4th Cavalry Division (United Kingdom)
*4th Light Division (German Empire)

; Armour divisions:
*4th Armoured Division (Canada)
*4th Reserve Cuirassed Division (France)
*4th Panzer Division (Germany)
*4th Armored Division (United States)

; Aviation divisions:
*4th Fighter Division (China)
*4th Air Division (United States)

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*List of military divisions by number

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