Palm(s) may refer to:
* The central region of the front of the hand
* Various plants:
** Palm tree or Arecaceae, a family of flowering plants belonging to the monocot order "Arecales"
** Traveler's palm or "Ravenala madagascariensis", a species of banana-like plant from Madagascar
* Jan Gerard Palm (1831-1906), A Curacao born composer
* Jacobo Palm (1887-1982), A Curacao born composer
* Rudolph Palm (1880-1950), A Curacao born composer
* John Palm (1885-1925), A Curacao born composer
* Palm (PDA), the personal digital assistant
** Palm OS, the operating system of such PDAs
** Palm, Inc., a hardware manufacturer
* Palm (unit), unit of length
* Palms Casino Resort, a resort and residential tower in Las Vegas, Nevada
* The Palm (restaurant), a restaurant chain originating in New York City
* Palms, Los Angeles, California
* Palm branch (symbol)
* Palm Islands, three artificial islands off the coast of Dubai
* Palm Breweries, a Belgian company
* Palm Pictures, an arthouse film distribution company
* Palm Records, a Hawaiian company
* Thousand Palms, California
* 29 Palms, California
* PhotoActivated Localization Microscopy or PALM
* August Palm, (1849-1922) Swedish socialist activist

ee also

* Sago palm (disambiguation)
* Palming, a sleight-of-hand technique
* Palmer
* Palm reading

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