List of characters in The Elenium and The Tamuli

List of characters in The Elenium and The Tamuli

Below is a list of fictional characters appearing in "The Elenium" and "The Tamuli", fantasy series written by David Eddings.



Sparhawk is the main character in the Elenium and Tamuli series. He is a Pandion Knight and Champion of Queen Ehlana.


Sephrenia is the Styric instructor of the spells of Styricum, also known as the "secrets", to the Pandion Knights. She is also the high priestess of Aphrael, the Child-Goddess (as well as being the older sister of one of Aphrael's incarnations), and a companion of Sparhawk. She is referred to as "little mother" by all of the Church Knights, not just the Pandions that she taught. Throughout the Elenium it is hinted that she and Vanion are in love; this is stated as a fact, rather than hinted at, in The Tamuli and at the end of The Hidden City (the third book in the Tamuli) she and Vanion get married. Upon their marriage the Bhelliom bestows upon them the gift of reversing their ages until both Sephrenia and Vanion look no older than their early twenties.

Queen Ehlana

Queen Ehlana was poisoned by the Primate Annias in his attempt to steal the throne of Elenia. She was cured by the touch of Bhelliom, and shortly after her recovery, she married Sparhawk. At the end of "The Elenium", Ehlana gives birth to Danae, who is revealed to be an incarnation of the Goddess Aphrael; however Ehlana is unaware of her daughter's true identity. It should also be noted that due to her poisoning, Ehlana was struck barren, although she herself was unaware of this fact; if not for Aphrael's "meddling" in the matter, Ehlana would never have conceived a child.


Aphrael is one of the Younger Gods of Styricum, and is known as the Child-Goddess, as her preferred form is that of a six-year old girl with grass-stained feet, known to the knights as Flute. She has three known incarnations: Danae, the daughter of Sparhawk and Queen Ehlana; her true form, as an adult woman; and the form of Flute, the six-year old girl, hardly different in appearance from Danae (she takes the form of a child as people trust children more). Aphrael's sister is Sephrenia.

Aphrael was instrumental in the recovery of the Bhelliom, a magical blue sapphire crafted in the shape of a rose, and its delivery to Sparhawk in "The Ruby Knight". She was also involved in stopping Klæl in the "The Tamuli".


Sparhawk's squire in "The Elenium". He is killed by Adus at the climax of "The Sapphire Rose". Kurik has five sons: Khalad (the eldest), who serves Sparhawk in a similar role to his father after his death, and three un-named sons with his wife Aslade, and Talen, who is first encountered as a street-thief in "The Diamond Throne", with his mistress, Elys.

Kurik acts as Sparhawk's 'right hand man,' and is much respected by all who know him (to the point that Martel, one of Sparhawk's greatest enemies, expresses deep regret to hear of his death). While many, especially Sparhawk himself, have expressed the opinion that Kurik would make an ideal Knight, the squire dismisses this out of hand due to his personal obligation to be Sparhawk's squire, a relationship that had begun many generations before between the families. Kurik is quite classist, not having a high opinion of the general intelligence of most nobles.


Sir Kalten is a tall blonde haired man, a Pandion Knight and one of the principal companions of Sparhawk. Kalten was taken in by Sparhawk's family after his parents were killed. While growing up together, Kalten and Sparhawk became close friends and were more like brothers than anything else. Unlike Sparhawk, Kalten has a very care free nature and prefers charging into battle rather than thinking things through. Kalten was the one who gave Sparhawk his broken nose when they were, as Kalten says 'just playing around' as young boys. Kalten was never good at speaking the Styric tongue and as such, never got the hang of magic, much to Sephrenia's disappointment – although it turns out he understands more Styric than he can pronounce. He also can't write anything at all, even misspelling every letter of his own name. While normally considered by his friends and enemies to be something of a simpleton, Kalten is much more than he appears. At times, he exhibits cleverness, bordering on brilliance. Still, his inability to grasp simple concepts is baffling at times. By the end of The Tamuli, he is engaged to Alean.


Sir Tynian is an Alcione Knight and one of the principal companions of Sparhawk. Tynian, like Kalten, is carefree and often accuses Sparhawk of 'spoiling their fun' whenever Sparhawk choses an option that does not involve charging headfirst towards the enemy. Tynian is also a bit of a prankster, for example when he first meets Kalten, he shakes his hand with a dead mouse in it. Tynian has some skill at necromancy which becomes vital to Sparhawk and his companions during the events of "The Ruby Knight". Sir Tynian is Champion of the Alcione Knights. Like his Alcione brothers, Tynian is known for wearing massive, heavy plate armor, which has the side effect of giving him a massive frame. One of Tynian's quirks is asking his friends if he could make a suggestion whenever he wants to suggest something, which is made into something of a running joke in the Sparhawk universe; when Bhelliom asks Sparhawk the same thing, Ulath accuses Tynian of 'talking to the poor stone in secret'. Tynian's explanation for his politeness is that he was taught to be respectful to his elders. He is a close friend of Kring and Ulath (although he and the latter would never admit to the friendship.)


Sir Ulath is a Genidian Knight of Thalesia and one of the principal companions of Sparhawk. He has long braided hair, but no beard, unlike most Thalesians. The Genidian comes from the north of the Elene continient, and they are known for wearing a chainmail shirt in place of the plate armour the other knights wear. Ulath has a vast knowledge of trolls and ogres, creatures who plague his homeland of Thalesia, and can even speak the language of the trolls. Sir Ulath is the champion of the Genidian Knights. He claims to hate sieges (supposedly because it is part of Thalesia's national character), and he often complains about it when forced into a siege (ironically enough, he readily suggests sieges whenever the situation calls for it, typically by grunting the word 'forts'.) Overall, Ulath is known for not being very talkative, but having a very dry wit. He is known to be rather cryptic in his speech, providing sudden one-word answers to any problems that crop up, to the point where his companions couldn't understand what he meant until he provides the explanation. Ulath is also in charge of determining whose turn it is to cook, using a system that baffles the others. (This system is eventually revealed to be Ulath telling whoever asks it is their turn to cook. If no-one asks Ulath cooks himself. When this becomes apparent, "Ulath has a lot of turns coming up".) In the first book of the second series, Ulath is introduced as an Earl.


Sir Bevier is a Cyrinic Knight and one of the principal companions of Sparhawk. He is notable for his devotion to the Elene religion. He has also received a university education, and has studied military history extensively, as well as participating in amateur dramatics at the university. In "The Diamond Throne" he mentions that he is a few months away from turning thirty years old. Bevier is a very innocent man who is continually shocked by the more relaxed behaviour of the other knights, though he does admit that he has a weakness for women. When it comes to matters of the church or justice, Bevier can be very passionate and even a little rash. His weapon of choice is a Lochaber axe. Sir Bevier is The Champion of the Cyrinic Knights.


Berit is initially encountered as a trainee Pandion Knight who is of a similar size to Sparhawk - a fact used to disguise Berit as Sparhawk to deceive some of Sparhawk's enemies. During the events described in "The Diamond Throne" Berit made it his personal mission to teach the young thief Talen about the history of Elenia. These lessons also helped Talen achieve a somewhat higher sense of humility as Berit met Talen's bad behaviour and disrespect with a swift kick from his plated boots. In "The Sapphire Rose" he nurses a strong attraction to the lovely Queen Ehlana, and spends a little time resenting Sparhawk for having married her, although he seems to have gotten over this by the end of the book. After the events of "The Sapphire Rose" he is promoted to a full member of the Pandion order. In 'The Tamuli' he is chased by woman of all races (It's something about his eyelashes....) and in the end ends up in a relationship with the bare-breasted Empress Elysoun which only last a short period due to the fact she is a) married and b) a Valesian who practices free love, until she gets pregnant, which happens at the end of the Tamuli.


Kurik's illegitimate son, the result of his father's affair with a young Cimmuran girl, Elys. Talen is a masterful thief and easily swipes money and possessions from commoners, nobles and knights on a regular basis. Talen works for the leader of Cimmura's criminal community, a fat man called Platime who had apparently been a skilled thief when he wasn't so heavy. Talen is a modest but skilled sketch artist, a talent he has used to help Sparhawk on more than one occasion. At the end of "The Sapphire Rose" Talen wounded Adus by stabbing him in the kidney from the back then from the front. Later, after Adus had fallen he and Sparhawk killed Adus by driving his own sword through his heart. Princess Danae has decided that Talen shall be her husband. At the end of 'The Sapphire Rose Kurik's wife, Aslade invited Talen and Elys to live on her farm stating it is what Kurik would have wanted.


Kurik's eldest son, he took on his father's role immediately after Kurik's funeral. While Sparhawk insisted that this wasn't necessary, he was not able to dissuade the young man. On the other hand, Sparhawk has made Khalad a Pandion novice with the full intent of seeing him knighted. While Khalad excels he is resented by his fellow Pandion novices and he is not comfortable around the nobles of the order, nor are all of them accepting of him. Khalad is notable for being something of a genius, especially in mathematics and the physics of engineering. He puts his abilities to good use in building long-range weapons, and is extremely accurate in the use of his crossbow. On one occasion in 'The Shining Ones', he killed off an enemy character using only one shot because he had calculated the required trajectory beforehand on paper, and thus didn't have to waste his crossbow bolts. Like his father, he is brusque and practical-minded. He treats Sparhawk like an equal, comepletely disregarding the Pandion Knight's nobility and his own peasant background to the point where he actually drily makes fun of Sparhawk at times.


Kring was the Domi (Chief, sort of) of the Peloi, a tribe of savage horsemen on the eastern marches of Pelosia. He's somewhat unimpressive physically, being short, bowlegged from his extensive time on horses, and intentionally shaved bald, which shows the scars on his scalp. The Church Knights encountered the Peloi in the Elenium, while they were on their quest to restore Queen Ehlana to her throne. Kring had his Peloi assist the Church Knights in various ways in the Elenium, and was a leading figure in the events of the Tamuli. He courts and is eventually engaged to the Atan woman, Mirtai, who at first finds his attentions ridiculous to the point of being funny, but grows to respect him more when she finds out that he's a mighty leader, savage warrior, rich man (from all the loot), and fair poet. Someone familiar with Atan culture advised Mirtai that even by the standards of the militaristic Atans, Kring was a good catch.


In the first trilogy, Vanion is the head of the Pandion Order. An older, but still vibrant man, he acts as equal parts father figure and drill sergeant for his Knights. Vanion held a deep affection for Sephrenia beyond the normal, a feeling quietly returned by the Styric teacher. While many knights saw this and knew that it was technically a violation of many rules against inter-religion/racial relations, none told out of devotion to their teachers. Vanion was nearly killed taking on Sephrenia's burden of a powerful spell she had cast to keep Queen Ehlana alive, one of the facts that shows he has deep feelings for her. When the events of the first trilogy end, he disappears with her to be nursed back to health. At the end of the second trilogy, they are married with the full approval of their respective deities and Bhelliom gives them a parting gift- shedding years off their appearance so they both appear to be in their early twenties.


First encountered in "The Ruby Knight", Stragen is head of thieves in Emsat, Thalesia, holding a 'position' similar to that of Platime in Cimmura. He is the illegitimate son of a minor Thalesian nobleman, and is very touchy about his origins; possibly because of this, he prefers to be known amongst those who work for him as "Milord" - although, as he admits in "The Sapphire Rose", it is at least partially an affectation. One of his peculiar attributes is that he is unrealistically polite for a thief, saying its only because he has a higher class of customers, and it helps get into the habit. He joins Queen Ehlana's court, probably for the same reason and despite having other duties in Emsat, and is a major character in "The Tamuli". In the Tamuli he also got engaged to Baroness Melidere who blackmailed him into it by offering him great wealth although by the end of 'The Hidden City' he seemed to have softened towards her and was quite willing to marry her of his own free will. Stragen's manners are usually exquisite, and he can grow quite eloquent when the need arises--he once insulted the Styric government's ruling council in just about every way he could have in a masterful speech.


An ex-Genidian Knight who now serves as a patriarch of the Elene church (equivalent to a cardinal in the Roman Catholic church), though Bergsten still keeps a chain shirt, an ogre-horned helmet, and a battle ax. A huge, brutish-looking man, King Wargun explained his size: "He was an only child and didn't have to fight nine brothers and sisters for his supper every night." He could almost be called Wargun's advisor (or master would be more appropriate). He runs into Aphrael and her cousin Setras in "The Hidden City". He has a little trouble accepting their existence, believing that his Elene god would be furious with him if he spoke with them. Bergsten was introduced as the Patriarch of Emsat [in Thalesia] ; since it was revealed that the Preceptors of the Four Orders are technically Patriarchs of the Church, upon Dolmant assuming the role of Archprelate, Bergsten was made a kind of "over-Patriarch" to whom the Preceptors would report directly.


The Patriarch of Ucera [in Elenia] , Emban was the son of a tavern keeper. Jolly, short, and completely rotund, Emban is a very shrewd churchman with a gift of "Political Maneuvering". At the very forefront of the fight to keep Annias off the Archprelate's throne, Emban is promoted to First Secretary of the Elene Church upon Dolmant's elevation to the Archprelacy.


Ortzel was introduced as the Patriarch of Kadach [in Lamorkand] , and brother to the Baron Alstrom. Originally very stern, unbending, and following the Elene doctrine to the letter, Ortzel was the opposing candidate (against Annias) for the Archprelacy. When Queen Ehlana summarily maneuvered Dolmant to the Archprelacy, Ortzel cast his vote for Dolmant. After Dolmant's election, Ortzel was made the head of the Elene College of Theologians. Living in Chyrellos has softened his demeanor, and in the Tamuli, he appears to have a much more worldly view than before, and seems to have grown to be a much more likable person.


Dolmant was introduced as the Patriarch of Demos [in Elenia] . He was vital in helping the Church Knights overcome the many stumbling blocks that Makova threw in their paths. Possibly the most worldly of the Hierocracy, it was revealed during the 'Crisis of the Faith' that Dolmant is a former Pandion Knight, and is therefore asked to chair the Hierocracy. When Queen Ehlana gave her impassioned speech before the election, she gave a performance that was described as 'inspired' and 'could have only come from God'. Her speech discreetly eliminated every possible candidate for the Archprelacy, save Dolmant. When the introductions and speeches were over, the Hierocracy elected Dolmant to the Archprelacy by way of chanting his name over and over again until he accepted, by acclaimation.


Alean is Queen Ehlana's personal maid and she joins the story in 'The Tamuli'. She is a shy, young maid who is actively pursued by Kalten for most of the trilogy and by 'The Hidden City' they are engaged. Alean is noted for her lovely singing voice, which is described as 'angelic'. She is a shy young girl who is always self-conscious of her servant rank amongst her more noble companions, and demeans herself by calling herself 'silly' whenever she actively participates in a discussion. She is kidnapped along with Queen Ehlana by Scarpa in the Shining Ones.


Melidere is a blonde haired, blue eyed baroness who also accompanies Ehlana in the visit to Matherion. She appears to be wide eyed and dim witted but this is in fact a ploy that she has constructed to protect herself and is in fact a very intelligent and determined young woman which poor Stragen finds out about the hard way (by the end of the Tamuli they are engaged).

Her father was not born a Baron but was in fact a simple blacksmith until he became rich after inventing tools that shave gold off coins, remill them so it's undetectable, and hiring them out - it is stated that no gold coin in Eosia is in fact its correct weight thanks to him! With her inheritance Melidere paid an old Baroness to step aside for her, she also used her father's invention to blackmail Stragen into a relationship with her by offering him the boundless riches that could be gained through the Daresian continent's untouched coins and if he doesn't agree she'll have him killed.


Kurik's wife, the mother of Khalad and his three full brothers. She is described as a plump, motherly woman who impartially mothers everyone to excess. She is dearly loved by Sparhawk and Sephrenia and adored by her husband. According to Kurik, Aslade was pursuing him from the time of her early teens, and took him into her father's hayloft to do some "serious persuading" to get him to marry her. Her love for him is extraordinarily giving; when she learned of Kurik's dalliance with young Elys, she went and met the girl to determine which of them would be better for him. She liked Elys, however, and fully accepted the existence of Talen. After Kurik's death, she invited both of them to live on the farm with her and her sons.


Faran is "a great roan horse", the mount of Sparhawk in the Elenium and the The Tamuli series of books by David Eddings. Faran is famous for his bad temper, but this may not be entirely his fault. In one of the later books, the child-goddess Aphrael tells Sparhawk that Faran only has a bad temper because he is trying to please Sparhawk by matching his personality. Much to Sparhawk's annoyance, Faran has a habit of prancing whenever Sparhawk rides him with his formal armour on. The horse is also remarked upon to be unusually intelligent, to the point of understanding Sparhawk's speech and having memorized the ritual entry into a Pandion Chapterhouse as well as Sparhawk has.


Kurik's mistress. He had an affair with her when she was just eighteen and was "like a spring morning". At the end of the Elenium Aslade invited both Talen and Elys to live with her at Kurik's farm.


The leader of Cimmura's criminal community, Platime first introduced as the employer of Talen. He is later involved in Queen Ehlana's court as an advisor.


The Anarae (Princess, sort of) of the Delphae.



Primate Annias is a corrupt churchman who is under the influence of Azash in "The Elenium". He is responsible for the poisoning of Queen Ehlana, in an attempt to end her interference with his plans to ascend to the title of Archprelate, leader of the Elene church. The look of abject misery on the face of Annias when Sparhawk made the offhand mention of this in Azash's temple, Sparhawk felt that at that moment, his revenge against Annias for all his sins was complete. He is killed by Azash at the end of "The Sapphire Rose".


Arissa was one of the princesses of Elenia. The sister of Aldreas, the king of Elenia, she attempted to seduce and marry him, thus becoming queen. This plot was foiled by the elder Sparhawk and she was later sent to a nunnery. In the Elenium she attempts to put her bastard son Lycheas on the throne but fails. She then committed suicide using poison, much to the disappointment of Ulath. His disappointment was easied, to some extent, when Arissa was revealed to merely be dying extremely slowly and painfully


The illegitimate son of Primate Annias and Princess Arissa, he was Queen Ehlana's cousin and served as Prince Regent during Ehlana's illness. A whiny dolt who was much despised by everyone except his parents, Lycheas met his end by way of Sir Ulath's axe in the Temple of Azash.

Baron Harparin

Baron Harparin was one of Primate Annias's staunchest allies. He was known as a notorious pederast. During Queen Ehlana's incapacitation, Harparin served as the head of the Royal Council of Elenia, where he was able to vote Annias all the bribe money he needed to buy Patriarchal votes. He also spearheaded the vote to legitimize Lycheas, so Lycheas would be allowed to be named King. Harparin met his demise by Sir Ulath's axe when the Pandions took control of the Palace back from Annias's toadies.


A renegade Pandion Knight, Martel is a former friend of Sparhawk who is overcome with desire for power, partaking in forbidden Styric rituals and eventually siding with Azash. His participation in these forbidden rites leads to his expulsion from the Pandion Order. After numerous schemes designed to thwart Sparhawk and enable Annias' election as leader of the church, Martel and his band retreat to Zemoch, where he is eventually killed by Sparhawk in an honourable duel at the climax of "The Sapphire Rose".

Martels beliefs seem to be at odds with each other throughout "The Elenium". He admits working only for money and proclaims he believes in "nothing", and yet is visibly disappointed and upset when Sephrenia refuses him her blessing. Also, despite his obvious emnity with Sparhawk and his companions, as he is dieing he proclaims its "almost like a formal deathbed. I get to die in the presence of the only two people I've ever really loved." (Sparhawk and Sephrenia) He also seems stricken when he finds out Kurik has been killed (asking Sparhawk to portray his regrets to Aslade), and hopes that the deaths of the Knights killed by Sephrenia's spell were not his fault.

Martel's most notable feature is his snow white hair which is uncommon for his age. He is described as intelligent and fast thinking, and it is a recurring theme that neither he nor Sparhawk know who's "best" at swordplay, but as he dies Martel tells him he never had any doubt who was best, leading Sparhawk to say "I did." He has contacts throughout Eosia, and his lack of morals makes him incredibly ruthless. This, coupled with his knowledge of Sparhawk, makes him a cunning tactician and formidable general.


Initially considered to be Martel's subordinate, Krager is behind many of the obstacles the heroes are forced to overcome. He is captured during the events of "The Sapphire Rose" but manages to convice his captors not to execute him by providing valuable information on the details of the plans of Martel and Annias. Krager returns in "The Tamuli", this time as a servant to the renegade sorcerer Zalasta and the god Cyrgon. While very intelligent and crafty, Krager is also an alcoholic, something that is hinted to be his final downfall.


An unintelligent hired thug, Adus is Martel's muscle. He is killed by Talen at the end of "The Sapphire Rose". He is described as "put armour on a gorilla and you've got him", and never washes, to the point where the knights joke about having to wash him before the bury him, otherwise "the earth would just spit him back out".


Emperor of Zemoch, Otha is (surprisingly) so grossly obese that his own legs cannot support him anymore, and he must use a litter with a dozen men to move around. He has been in the service of Azash for centuries at the time of "The Elenium". He is killed by Azash at the climax of "The Sapphire Rose".


Makova, the Patriarch of Coombe [in Arcium] , was the 'chairman' of the Hierocracy during the Archprelate Cluvonus's incapacitation. As he was Annias's primary "bought and paid for" supporter, Makova tirelessly 'championed' the Primate Annias. When the Church declared a "Crisis of the Faith", Dolmant was asked to chair the deliberations. After Dolmant's assumption of the Archprelacy, it was mentioned that Makova was packed off to a monastery.


A Styric, initially his enmity towards the protagonists is not apparent. However, during the events of "The Shining Ones", Zalasta is revealed to have been at the source of many of the troubles faced by Sparhawk and his companions. Zalasta was in love, or more accurately, lusted after Sephrenia from the time they were growing up together. Unfortunately, the arrival of Aphrael caused Zalasta's romantic hopes to be dashed as all of Sephrenia's attention was devoted to her goddess. By involving himself in the schemes of Azash and Cyrgon, Zalasta hoped to use Bhelliom to destroy Aphrael, thereby forcing Sephrenia to love him - although the latter was a secondary motive, as by that time his hate for Aphrael had escalated to a point where it eclipsed all else, he attempts to kill Sephrenia in "The Hidden City" after being persuaded to by Scarpa because she was "tainted by the touch of a Elene". After the destruction of Cyrgon at the climax of "The Hidden City", Zalasta is cursed by Khwaj, the Troll God of fire, to burn eternally.


One of the Elder Gods of Styricum, Azash is the god of the Zemochs. His shrine was discovered by Otha and Azash promised to reward him if Otha brought a sacrifice and surrendered his soul to him. He is the force behind the antagonists in "The Elenium". Those who give their soul to Azash are given extraordinary powers but usually at the price of their sanity. Many of Azash's followers partake in disgusting demonic rituals of torture and even eat other humans while they still live. He claimed to be the father of Aphrael, but she insisted that the Thousand Younger Gods, including herself, willed themselves into existence via the strain caused by the discord of the Elder Gods. He is destroyed by Sparhawk and the Bhelliom at the climax of "The Elenium".


Elron is brother-in-law to the Baron Kotyk, who offered Sparhawk's entourage shelter from a storm just inside the Daresian continent. Elron is a pompous, overly-dramatic, not very adept poet whose pride and joy is a poem called "Ode to Blue". In his spare time, Elron has paraded around as "Sabre", a masked and caped man who stirs up trouble amongst the serfs and the nobility. He is later involved in the plot to kidnap Queen Ehlana. It is implied that Stragen kills him at the end of "The Tamuli".

Baron Parok

An arrogant, despicable man who is one of the lower-tier ringleaders of the Daresian plot, Baron Parok met his demise when the Troll-Gods Kwahj and Ghnomb set him on fire and put him in an eternal time-frame (the "Time that does not move"), where the fire will burn forever.


Zalasta's son, a certifiable, raving, frothing-at-the-mouth lunatic, and would-be emperor of the Tamul Empire should the Daresian plot succeed. Scarpa has an incredible hatred of women (as it has been hinted that he was abused by his mother and sisters), and therefore looks upon them as pure subservient objects. He demands total obedience of his orders, no matter how impossible or what the cost. Those unable to follow through meet with terrible endings. He is killed by a Shining One late in "The Tamuli".


God of the (thought to be extinct) Cyrgai. Cyrgon wishes to rule the world, and needs to get his hands on Bhelliom. Old fashioned, proud, and a totally militaristic entity. Manipulated the Trolls to do his bidding on the Daresian continent. Sparhawk kills him in a duel much like Martel at the climax of "The Tamuli".

Count Gerrich

A Lamork Baron introduced in the Elenium, Gerrich was manipulated (and his family killed) in a scheme designed by Martel to start a war between Gerrich and Baron Alstrom. In the Tamuli, Gerrich was the Eosian link to the plot to take over the Daresian continent, and was doing his part to get the Lamork serfs in an uproar.

Avin Wargunsson

Prince of Thalesia, Avin ran the kingdom after his father King Wargun became unable to serve his duties due to years of heavy drinking. Avin suffers from a Napoleon Complex, and is fearful that other worldly leaders will overlook him. It is revealed later on that Avin has some link to the Daresian plot, and is therefore dealt with by Stragen's hired assassins - he is stuffed in a barrel of Arcian Red wine, the lid is nailed shut and he drowns, turning a purple color in the process. The people could not stop laughing at his funeral but "at least he was finally noticed".

Other characters

The God of the Elenes

Worshipped by Elenes across the world of the novels. His true name is a closely-guarded secret of the Church. He is referred to as "pale Elene-god" by the Troll Ghwerig, and Aphrael said she avoided going near the main altar of the Basilica of Chyrellos, as the Elene god expected her to say hello each time she passed by. He is supposedly quite tedious and no fun at the gods' parties.

The Troll Gods

The Troll Gods are first encountered trapped within the Bhelliom. They are later released in "The Shining Ones". The Troll Gods have such limited intellect and large amounts of suspicion towards each other that it requires the combined will of all of them to control the Bhelliom, whereas any other singular god can command it, it is said that the Troll gods are so powerful not even Azash would consider facing one and it took all the younger gods (1000 in total) just to overpower and defeat the 5. The Troll Gods are:

*Ghworg, the God of Kill
*Ghnomb, the God of Eat
*Schlee, the God of Ice
*Khwaj, the God of Fire
*Zoka, the God of Mating/fertility


One of Aphrael's cousins and a Younger God of Styricum. He appears briefly in The Shining Ones and The Hidden City, but is not otherwise of major significe to the plot. Setras is the Styric God to whom the Alcione Knights (of which Tynian is the Champion) submit their spells.

Setras appears to be an artist, continually working on creating "sunsets". While he is a deity, he appears to be of somewhat limited intellect and rather easily distracted and seems somewhat befuddled by mortals.


One of Aphrael's cousins and a Younger God of Styricum. He appears briefly in The Tamuli, but is not otherwise significant to the plot. Hanka is the Styric God to whom the Genidian Knights (of which Ulath is the Champion) submit their spells. He is also supposedly very short-tempered, as during the siege of Cyrga at the climax of the Tamuli, one of the characters mentions that Hanka is likely to "pick us up and throw us from here to Cyrga" if they don't hurry.


One of Aphrael's cousins and a Younger God of Styricum. He appears briefly in The Tamuli, but is not otherwise significant to the plot. Romalic is the Styric God to whom the Cyrinic Knights (of which Bevier is the Champion) submit their spells. He is supposed to fit the Cyrinic Knights perfectly due to his booming voice and overwhelming formality.


A dwarfed troll who retrieved Bhelliom, a magical jewel, from its cave and sculpted it into the shape of a rose, infusing it with the spirits of the Troll Gods as he did so. Ghwerig is maddened by the loss of Bhelliom, and he devotes most of the rest of his life to searching for it. He eventually finds it, but is killed by Sparhawk and Kurik at the end of The Ruby Knight as they wrest it from him.


Bhlokw is a Troll, and serves as the High Priest of the Troll Gods. Introduced in the Tamuli, he was sent to assist Sparhawk and his friends, after Aphrael and the Troll-Gods realized that they must work together to defeat Klael, he develops a taste for dog after being encouraged to try one by Ulath.


Adian was the ancient Thalesian Hero who stole Bhelliom from Ghwerig's Cave while Ghwerig was trying to retrieve the rings from Aphrael. When he returned to Emsat, he was promptly crowned King of Thalesia and mounted Bhelliom on the Royal Crown. The crown was lost once when King Sarak died and again when Ghwerig fell into the chasm in his cave at the end of The Ruby Knight.

The Preceptors of the Four Orders of Church Knights


Vanion is the Preceptor of the Order of Pandion Knights of the Church. After Vanion disappears at the end of the Elenium, Sparhawk takes up his responsibilities as the interim preceptor.


Abriel is the Preceptor of the Order of Cyrinic Knights of the Church, and is Sir Bevier's superior. Abriel is the eldest and longest-tenured of the Preceptors; therefore, the other Preceptors frequently defer to him. Killed by Klæl near the end of the Tamuli series.


Darrellon is the Preceptor of the Order of Alcione Knights of the Church, and is Sir Tynian's superior. Darrellon is a soft-spoken, rational, and thoughtful man, and his opinion is respected by virtue of his carefully thinking his way through everything.


Komier is the Preceptor of the Order of Genidian Knights of the Church, and is Sir Ulath's superior. He is a blunt, hard-charging man who prefers brawn over brains. Komier is well respected along the Genidians, as he was unanimously 'elected' by his former peers (although to be fair, there were no other candidates to oppose the decision).

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