BOP or bop may refer to:

* bop, a smack, strike, or punch
* bop, shortened form of Bebop, an early modern jazz developed in the 1940s
**hard bop, a style of jazz music that is extension of bebop (or "bop") music
* bop, organised party or club night at many British universities
* bop, southern U.S. word for whore
*"Bop" an American magazine for teens
*"Bop", a single by Dan Seals, released in 1986
*Bird of Prey, eagles, owls and other such carnivorous raptors



* Bay of Pigs, in Cuba; also a place of a failed American battle
* Bay of Plenty, a region in New Zealand
* Bophuthatswana, South Africa
* Border Pacific Railroad (AAR reporting marks BOP), a short-line railroad headquartered in Rio Grande City, Texas, United States
* Bowes Park railway station, London, England; National Rail station code BOP


* balance of payments, measures the payments that flow between any individual country and all other countries
* balance of plant. balance of a fuel cell system
* bleeding on probing, expression used by dentists to signify gingival (gum) bleeding on mechanical stimulation by a probe
* blowout preventer, a large valve that encases an oil well at surface, in oil and gas drilling
* Bottom of the Pyramid (or Base of the Pyramid, or Bottom of the Pile); a reference to the large class of those in extreme poverty
* Buick, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac. An acronym denoting common parts and specifications across engine and automobile offerings from these three General Motors divisions.
* Federal Bureau of Prisons, a branch of the U.S. Justice Department
* Businessowners policy, a type of insurance policy
* Balance of Power
* Brown Opera Productions, a student-run opera company at Brown University
* Bond Order Potential, a form of interatomic potential used, for example, in molecular dynamics simulations

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