Field (heraldry)

Field (heraldry)

In heraldry, the background of the shield is called the " field". The field is usually composed of one or more tinctures (colours or metals) or furs.

In extremely rare cases, the field (or a subdivision thereof [cite web|title=Símbolos Patrios Municipales|url=|accessdate=2007-10-13] ) is not a tincture, but may be a landscape. Arthur Charles Fox-Davies, in his "Art of Heraldry," states that while there are many coats in British heraldry in which the charges make up a landscape, there is only one, the arms of Lopes, where the field itself is so described: "In a landscape field, a fountain, therefrom issuing a palm-tree all proper." However, Fox-Davies is incorrect, as in 1751 Robert Dinwiddie in Scotland was granted a coat of the following blazon: "Party per Fesse two landskips the first (the uppermost) holding a wild Indian at full draught his bow bent, marking at a stag standing at full Gaze Regardant proper The Emblem of the Earth, And in base, the Emblem of water with a sloop under sail, within sight of and making towards a distant land Representing America." [] There are some examples of more specificially described landscapes, such as in the arms of Höerskool Brandwag. [] Landscape fields are regarded by many heralds as unheraldic and deprecated, as they cannot be consistently drawn from blazon.

The arms of Count Cesare Fani [] are along the same lines, as the field is blazoned as "sky proper."

The arms of the Inveraray and District Community Council in Scotland have as a field "In waves of the sea".

For further detail on the field, see variations of the field.


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