Booth (surname)

Booth (surname)

Booth is a surname, and may refer to many people.


*Aaron Booth, Canadian singer-songwriter
*Agnes Booth, American actress
*Alan Booth, British travel writer
*Andy Booth, English footballer
*Andrew Booth, fictional character from "Monarch of the Glen"
*Andrew D. Booth, British scientist
*Anthony Booth (b. 1931), British actor
*Anthony Clarke Booth (1846-1899), recipient of the Victoria Cross
*Asia Booth (1835-1888), poet


*Ballington Booth (1857-1940), Salvation Army Officer and co-founder of Volunteers of America
*Barton Booth (1681-1733), British actor
*Bill Booth, American actor
*Bramwell Booth (1856–1929), the 2nd general of The Salvation Army
*Brett Booth, comics artist
*Brian Booth (b. 1933), Australian cricketer


*Calvin Booth, American basketball player
*Catherine Booth (1829–1890), the Mother of The Salvation Army
*H. Cecil Booth, British engineer, vacuum cleaner inventor
*Charles Booth (philanthropist) ((1840-1916), philanthropist
*Charles G. Booth an American writer of detective fiction
*Charlie Booth a person who goes to scotch in Aust really good person add him on
*Cherie Booth (b. 1954), wife of British Prime Minister Tony Blair
*Claire Booth, British physician, by marriage Claire Windsor, Countess of Ulster
*Connie Booth (b. 1944), British writer and actress, former wife of John Cleese
*Constance Gore-Booth, Irish Republican, sister of Eva Gore-Booth


*Edwin Booth (1833–1893), American actor
*Edwina Booth, American actress
*Emily Booth (actress) (b. 1976), British actress
*Emma Booth (1860 - 1903), the fourth child of William and Catherine Booth
*Eva Gore-Booth (1870-1926), Irish poet and dramatist
*Evangeline Booth (1865–1950), the 4th General of The Salvation Army


*Felix Booth, British gin distiller
*Frank Booth, fictional character from "Blue Velvet"
*Franklin Booth, artist who worked mainly with ink and a pen
*Frederick Charles Booth (1890-1960), recipient of the Victoria Cross


*George Booth (b. 1926), American cartoonist
*George H. Booth II (b. 1954), owner and president of Tupelo Hardware
*George Booth, 1st Baron Delamer (1622-1684), 1st Baron Delamer
*George Booth, 2nd Earl of Warrington (1675-1758), the son of Henry Booth, Earl of Warrington, and his wife Mary Langham
*George Gough Booth (1864-1949), American publisher and philanthropist
*George Hoy Booth, real name of British performer George Formby
*George Sclater-Booth, British politician
*Graham Booth (b. 1940), British politician


*Hartley Booth, British politician
*Henry Booth, 1st Earl of Warrington (1651—1694), 1st Earl of Warrington
*Henry Booth, British railway pioneer
*Herbert Booth (1862–1926), the third son of William and Catherine Booth
*Hester Booth (c.1690-1773) the English dancer and actress
*Hubert Cecil Booth, inventor of the vacuum cleaner and designer of the Vienna Prada.


*James Booth, British actor
*John Booth, Sculptor
*James Booth, British performer
* John Booth (d.1812), British Luddite from Cleckheaton
*John Booth (d.1478), English churchman, courtier and Bishop of Exeter
*John Booth (1759-1843), British architect
*John Rudolphus Booth (1827–1925), Canadian lumber and railway baron
*John Wilkes Booth (1838–1865), American actor and assassin of US President Abraham Lincoln
*Joseph Booth (1851-1932), British Baptist missionary
*Joshua Booth, Canadian historical
*Junius Brutus Booth (1796–1852), British actor


*Kate Booth (1858-1955), the oldest daughter of William and Catherine Booth
*Keith Booth, American basketball player
*Kim Booth, Australian politician
*Koka Booth, American Mayor
*Kristin Booth, Canadian actress


*Lauren Booth, British journalist, half-sister of Cherie Booth
*Lawrence Booth, Archbishop of York
*Lewis Booth (b. 1948), president of Asia Pacific and Africa Operations for Ford Motor Company
*Lindy Booth, Canadian actress
*Lucy Booth (1868–1953), the fifth daughter of William and Catherine Booth
*Liam Booth First son of Patrick and Tanya Booth


*Margaret Booth (1898–2002), American film editor
*Marie Booth (1864–1937), the third daughter of William and Catherine Booth
*Martin Booth (1944-2004), British writer and poet
*Mary Moss Booth (1791-1875), the mother of William Booth
*Mary Louise Booth, American magazine editor
*Maud Ballington Booth (1865-1948), Salvation Army Officer and co-founder of Volunteers of America


*Newton Booth (1825–1892), American politician


*Paul Booth, American tattoo artist
*Philip Booth, American poet
*Powers Boothe, American actor


*Ryan Booth First son of Lynne and Norman Booth Jr.

*Samuel Booth (1775-1842), the father of William Booth
*Sean Booth, British musician; see the electronic music group "Autechre"
*Shirley Booth (1898–1992), American actress
*Stanley Booth (b. 1942), American music journalist
*Stefan Booth, British actor
*Stephen Booth, professor of English literature at the University of California-Berkeley
*Steve Booth, British green anarchist


*Tim Booth, British singer
*Tony Booth, American country singer
*Tanya Booth nee Blakeman, Wife of Patrick Booth


*Wayne Booth (b. 1921), American literary critic
*William Booth (1829–1912), the founder and 1st General of The Salvation Army
*William Booth (archbishop), Archbishop of York
*Major William Booth, English cricketer
*William Booth (Anglican clergyman), domestic chaplain to Queen Elizabeth II

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*Baron Basing

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