Taiwan TG Butterfly Garden

Taiwan TG Butterfly Garden

PAGENAME (zh-tp|t=台灣TG蝶園|p=Táiwān TG diéyuán), established in 2000,is the first formal transgender support group in Taiwan.Many members are transsexual; others identify as crossdressers,and others might be described as questioning or transgressive.

The organization served as flag guards at 2005 Taiwan Pride,and demanded amendments for gender equality in employment law,along with the Awakening Foundation, Gender/Sexuality Rights Association Taiwan and Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association.

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* Josephine Ho, [http://sex.ncu.edu.tw/members/ho/tokyo/lecture05.htm The Embodiment of Identity] . Briefly mentioned establishment of the group.
*http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2003/12/28/2003085429In chineselanguageicon|zh-tw:
* 何春蕤, [http://sex.ncu.edu.tw/members/ho/paper/em(bodi)ment.pdf 認同的「體」現:打造跨性別] (PDF格式)。訪談多位TG蝶園成員,並於30頁提到團體由來。
* 夏德珍, [http://www.libertytimes.com.tw/2004/new/oct/4/today-so12.htm 裝錯軀體的靈魂--TG蝶園 跨性別心靈捕手] [http://intermargins.net/repression/deviant/transgender/news/2004Jul-Dec/transnews_20041026c.htm] ,自由時報,2004年10月4日。
* [http://transgender-taiwan.org/ PAGENAME website]

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