Saud ibn Abdul Aziz ibn Muhammad ibn Saud

Saud ibn Abdul Aziz ibn Muhammad ibn Saud


Saud ibn Abdul Aziz ibn Muhammad ibn Saud (Arabic: سعود بن عبد العزيز بن محمد آل سعود ) ruled the First Saudi State from the death of his father Abdul Aziz in 1803 until his own death in 1814.

Saud's reign was a period of religious cleansing in Arabia. During his reign, attacks on shrines in Iraq continued. More importantly though, the House of Saud extended its rule beyond the Nejd and into the Hijaz. This culminated with the capture of Mecca and Madinah. The new Saudis cleansed the Kaaba in Mecca and destroyed the graves of numerous important men in Madinah. This was in accordance with the Wahhabi desire to return Islam to its simple beginnings. The forces of Saud also felt that they were emulating the example of Muhammad who smashed idols when he retook Mecca.

These religious cleansing did not sit well with other Muslims though. Many other Muslims found the actions to be extreme, and were stunned that the holy cities had been taken so easily. Most importantly, the Ottoman Empire did not want to relent control over the cities to local tribesmen.

The Ottomans could not retake the cities on their own though due to their international situation. Instead, they sent Muhammad Ali, the viceroy of Egypt. However, Saud bin Abdul Aziz would die before the arrival of Ali's forces and the subsequent loss of Mecca by the Saudi family.

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