Urban Contemporary Airplay panel

Urban Contemporary Airplay panel

The R&R Urban Contemporary Airplay panel is a list of Mainstream Urban radio stations that are monitored by Nielsen BDS. The stations are ranked by the highest audience cumes based on Arbitron ratings and are modified twice a year.

Reporting panels

There are 82 reporters as of January 11, 2008

*WBHJ/Birmingham, Alabama
*WEUP-FM/Huntsville, Alabama
*WBLX-FM/Mobile, Alabama
*WJWZ/Montgomery, Alabama
*WZHT/Montgomery, Alabama
*KHTE-FM/Little Rock, Arkansas
*KIPR/Little Rock, Arkansas
*KDAY/Los Angeles, California
*KMEL/San Francisco, California
*WPHH/Hartford, Connecticut
*WJKS/Wilmington, Delaware
*WKYS/Washington, D.C.
*WPGC-FM/Washington, D.C.
*WTMG/Gainesville, Florida
*WJBT/Jacksonville, Florida
*WEDR/Miami, Florida
*WJHM/Orlando, Florida
*WBTP/Tampa, Florida
*WHTA/Atlanta, Georgia
*WVEE/Atlanta, Georgia
*WFXA/Augusta, Georgia
*WPRW/Augusta, Georgia
*WBFA/Columbus, Georgia
*WFXE/Columbus, Georgia
*WEAS/Savannah, Georgia
*WQBT-FM/Savannah, Georgia
*WPWX/Chicago, Illinois
*WGCI-FM/Chicago, Illinois
*WHHH/Indianapolis, Indiana
*WGZB/Louisville, Kentucky
*WEMX-FM/Baton Rouge, Louisiana
*KRRQ/Lafayette, Louisiana
*WQUE/New Orleans, Louisiana
*KBTT-FM/Shreveport, Louisiana
*KMJJ-FM/Shreveport, Louisiana
*WERQ-FM/Baltimore, Maryland
*WHTD/Detroit, Michigan
*WJLB/Detroit, Michigan
*WQHH/Lansing, Michigan
*WJZD/Biloxi, Mississippi
*WJMI/Jackson, Mississippi
*KPRS/Kansas City, Missouri
*KATZ-FM/St. Louis, Missouri
*WHHL/St. Louis, Missouri
*KOPW/Omaha, Nebraska
*WBLK/Buffalo, New York
*WWPR-FM/New York City
*WDKX/Rochester, New York
*WPEG/Charlotte, North Carolina
*WZFX/Fayetteville, North Carolina
*WJMH/Greensboro, North Carolina
*WIKS/New Bern, North Carolina
*WQOK/Raleigh, North Carolina
*WIZF/Cincinnati, Ohio
*WENZ/Cleveland, Ohio
*WCKX/Columbus, Ohio
*WDHT/Dayton, Ohio
*WJUC/Toledo, Ohio
*WJZE/Toledo, Ohio
*KVSP/Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
*KJMM/Tulsa, Oklahoma
*WPHI-FM/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
*WUSL/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
*WAMO-FM/Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
*WXBT/Columbia, South Carolina
*WWWZ-FM/Charleston, South Carolina
*WHXT/Columbia, South Carolina
*WJTT/Chattanooga, Tennessee
*WHRK/Memphis, Tennessee
*WUBT/Nashville, Tennessee
*KTCX-FM/Beaumont, Texas
*KNDA-FM/Corpus Christi, Texas
*KBFB-FM/Dallas, Texas
*KKDA/Dallas, Texas
*KBXX/Houston, Texas
*WOWI/Norfolk, Virginia
*WBTJ/Richmond, Virginia
*WCDX/Richmond, Virginia
*WKKV-FM/Milwaukee, Wisconsin
*The City/XM Satellite Radio
*Hot Jamz/Sirius Satellite Radio

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