"SuperPower" is a political simulation computer game designed by GolemLabs and published by DreamCatcher Interactive. SuperPower debuted on March 28, 2002 for the PC.


The game starts off the first week of January, 1997, with you as the newly appointed leader of one of 140 controllable nations. You are given complete command over your country from the use of thermonuclear weapons, to the level of taxes, to what kind of government is in control, to sending secret services out to conduct covert missions.

Game Modes

SuperPower was two different game modes you can play in: scenarios and freeplay.


Superpower has some premade scenarios that offer a challenge in the way you have to solve a problem. The main factor that makes the scenarios difficult is that they restrict what kind of actions you can take (Ex: not being able to use military action)

* Argentina - Protect Bolivia from invasion
* Côte d'Ivoire - Reclaim control over territory
* United States - Restore democracy in Haiti
* South Korea - Sign an alliance with North Korea
* United Kingdom - Create anarchy in Poland
* Russia - Rebuilding the communist superpower
* China - Sign a strategic alliance with Taiwan


Freeplay is an open sandbox mode, you choose your country and your objectives and a time period to complete them and go on playing until your time period is over or you have completed your objective(s).

Mandatory Objectives

* Stay in power

Optional Objectives

* Eliminate Armed Rebels
* Conquer the World
* Balance Resources

These objectives can be completed in several time periods. The periods are:

* Unlimited
* Ten Years
* Five Years
* One Year

The game can be set to play with the one mandatory objective, staying in power, and the unlimited time period for an objective free game.


The game has been heavily criticized for its many bugs, including some that don't allow the player to complete the game in the amount of time listed, the game often crashing back to the desktop even when all the computer requirements have been met, and the country's budget suddenly crashing. There is an internet gaming community of government simulations that derives it's name from SuperPower [] .

ee also

*SuperPower 2

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* [ SuperPower Fansite]

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