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motto = "Surgite!" (Push On!)
established = 1964
type = Public
staff = 831
faculty = 577
president = Jack N. Lightstone
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principal =
rector =
chancellor = Ned Goodman
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students =
undergrad = 12,889 full-time, 2,858 part-time [ Brock University, Department of Institutional Planning and Analysis ] ]
postgrad = 734 full-time, 525 part-time
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city = St. Catharines, Ontario
state = Ontario
country = Canada
campus = Suburban
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Brock University, generally referred to simply as Brock, is a comprehensive university located in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Brock offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs that include co-op and other experiential learning opportunities to a student population of more than 17,000.

Located at the center of Canada's Niagara Peninsula on the Niagara Escarpment in St. Catharines, Ont., Brock University is the only Canadian university that is part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Many of the buildings on campus were designed by the innovative architectural firm, Moriyama and Teshima Architects.

A satellite campus used primarily for teacher education is located in Hamilton, Ontario. []

Jack N. Lightstone became the school's president on July 1, 2006. The University Chancellor is Ned Goodman, investment industry leader and Canadian business builder.


, in 1964 offering undergraduate and graduate programs in arts, sciences, education, and administration. [ [ Brock University ] ] The policy of university education initiated in the 1960s responded to population pressure and the belief that higher education was a key to social justice and economic productivity for individuals and for society. [ [ University ] ]

Brock University is named after Major-General Sir Isaac Brock, who lost his life during the Battle of Queenston Heights in the War of 1812 fought 30 km from the present-day site of the campus. His last words are said to have been, "Surgite!" (Latin for "push on") —now used as the University's motto. For his contribution to Canada, Isaac Brock was voted the 28th Greatest Canadian in a 2004 poll, conducted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. [ [] ]


Brock's undergraduate and graduate degree programs are administered by 7 faculties. Brock also boasts one one of the largest selections of co-op programs in Canada. [] []

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Brock University's [ Faculty of Applied Health Sciences] offers degree programs in the follow areas:
* Physical Education and Kinesiology
* Recreation and Leisure Studies
* Community Health Sciences
* Nursing
* Sport Management

Faculty of Business

Brock University's [ Faculty of Business] offers programs at both the Undergraduate and Graduate level of study.

* Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
* Honours Bachelor of Business Administration Co-op (BBA)
* Honours Bachelor of Accounting (BAcc)
* Honours Bachelor of Accounting Co-op (BAcc)Graduate:
* Master of Business Administration (MBA)
* Master of Business Administration (International Student Program) (MBA ISP)
* Masters of Accountancy (MAcc)
* International Master of Accountancy (IMAcc)
* Master of Science (MSc)

Brock's Faculty of Business is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business AACSB International. Less than 10 percent of business schools worldwide (only 17 in Canada) have earned this accreditation, the highest standard in management education.Brock's Accounting Co-op Program is the second largest in Canada and is one of only two universities in Ontario to have its Accounting Program officially accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario. This accreditation has resulted in Brock's Faculty of Business becoming the institution of choice for students studying to become Chartered Accountants. What differentiates Brock's Accounting Program from others in Ontario is that students are able to fulfill all credit hours required to become a Chartered Accountant.

Further, Brock's Faculty of Business is also a member of Beta Gamma Sigma. Beta Gamma Sigma is the honor society serving business programs accredited by AACSB International. Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in a business program accredited by AACSB International. Only five other Canadian Business Schools have attained membership in Beta Gamma Sigma. Just one year after receiving Honorable Mention in 2006, Brock University was named the Bronze Collegiate Chapter in 2007 - the highest ranking attained by any Canadian Business School.

Brock's Faculty of Business is also a member of The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). Based in Brussels, Belgium, the EFMD is a global accrediting body, recognizing schools of exceptional quality in management education. Only 12 Canadian business schools have gained membership in the EFMD.

All undergraduate students enrolled in Brock's Faculty of Business are members of the Brock Business Students' Association (BSA). The BSA is a student-run organization designed to further enhance the educational experience for students in Brock's Faculty of Business.

Faculty of Education

Brock University's [ Faculty of Education] offers degree programs in the follow areas:
* Concurrent Education
* Pre Service Education
* Graduate and Undergraduate education

Faculty of Humanities

Brock University's [ Faculty of Humanities] offers degree programs in the follow areas:
* Applied Linguistics
* Canadian Studies
* Classics
* Dramatic Arts
* English Language and Literature
* Great Books|Liberal Studies
* History
* Interactive Arts and Science
* Intercultural Studies
* Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
* Music
* Philosophy
* School of Fine and Performing Arts
* Studies in Arts and Culture
* Visual Arts

Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Brock University's [ Faculty of Mathematics and Science] offers degree programs in the follow areas:
* Biological Sciences
* Chemistry
* Computer Science
* Earth Sciences
* Mathematics
* Physics

Brock University is the only school in Canada and internationally to offer the program MICA (Mathematics Integrated with Computing and Applications).

Faculty of Social Sciences

Brock University's [ Faculty of Social Sciences] offers degree programs in the follow areas:
* Business Economics
* Child and Youth Studies
* Communications
* Economics
* Film Studies
* Geography
* Labour Studies
* Political Science
* Popular Culture
* Psychology
* Sociology
* Tourism and Environment
* Women's Studies

Faculty of Graduate Studies

The [ Faculty of Graduate Studies] at Brock University offers 32 graduate programs and 6 PhD programs:

Master's Programs
* MAcc Master of Accountancy
* MADS Master of Applied Disability Studies
* MA in Applied Disability Studies
* Diploma in Applied Disability Studies
* MA/MSc in Applied Health Sciences
* MA in Applied Linguistics (TESL)
* MSc in Biological Sciences
* MSc in Biotechnology
* MBA Master of Business Administration
* MBE Master of Business Economics
* MSc in Chemistry
* MA in Child and Youth Studies
* MA in Classics
* MSc in Computer Science
* MSc in Earth Sciences
* MEd Master of Education
* MA in English
* MA in Geography
* MA in History
* MSc in Management
* MSc in Mathematics and Statistics
* MA in Philosophy
* MSc in Physics
* MA in Political Science
* MA in Popular Culture
* MA in Psychology
* MA in Studies in Comparative Literatures and Arts
* MA in Social Justice and Equity Studies

International Cohort Programs
* International MAcc Master of Accountancy
* MBA (International Student Program)
* MA in Applied Linguistics (TESL) ISP
* MEd (Master of Education) ISP

Doctoral Programs
* PhD in Applied Health Sciences
* PhD in Biological Sciences
* PhD in Biotechnology
* PhD in Chemistry
* PhD in Educational Studies (Joint Program)
* PhD in Psychology


Co-op education offers undergraduate students an opportunity to combine academics with valuable work experience.

The Faculty of Business at Brock has one of the most extensive co-op offerings in Ontario. The Accounting Co-op program, one of the first in the province, has been in existence for over 20 years. Most Co-op programs consistently offer 100% placement.

At the graduate level, degrees are offered in several arts and sciences disciplines.

In addition, Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary (an institution of the Lutheran Church - Canada is affiliated with the university and offers a four-year Master of Divinity.

Its location in the Niagara Peninsula puts Brock at the center of cool-climate grape and wine research. It carries the distinction of being the only university in Canada to offer an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Oenology and Viticulture - see the Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute.


The university is represented in Canadian Interuniversity Sport by the Brock Badgers.

Brock has the following varsity sports:

* Baseball (Men's)
* Basketball (Men's & Women's)
* Cross Country (Men's & Women's)
* Curling (Men's & Women's)
* Fencing (Men's & Women's)
* Hockey (Men's & Women's)
* Lacrosse (Men's)
* Rowing (Men's & Women's)
* Rugby union (Men's & Women's)
* Soccer (Men's & Women's)
* Squash (Men's)
* Swimming (Men's & Women's)
* Volleyball (Women's)
* Wrestling (Men's & Women's)

In its history, Brock athletic teams have won a combined 48 provincial championships and 26 national championships (as of 2008).

2007/2008 National Championships:
* Men's Lacrosse (6 years running)
* Men's Rugby
* Men's Wrestling (9 years running)
* Men's Basketball

Student life

The Brock University Students' Union represents all undergraduate students at Brock University. It operates various services and businesses run by students. It is located in the Alumni Students' Centre.

The Brock Centre for the Arts is located on campus and features two large theatres, The Sean O'Sullivan (537 seats) and The David S. Howes (508 seats). The centre has a strong reputation in the Niagara Region for presenting some of the biggest names in Canadian Arts and Entertainment, Academics, and Politics.

The School of Fine and Performing Arts owns Rodman Hall, a downtown art gallery and teaching centre. The school is exploring a possible joint venture with the City of St. Catharines to operate a performing arts venue nearby.

The Brock University Students' Union publishes a weekly campus newspaper, "The Brock Press". It also operates a radio station, CFBU, which broadcasts 24/7 from its studio in Downtown St. Catharines.

"Isaac's" is the on-campus pub run by the Brock University Students' Union that hosts a very popular Thursday night event featuring cheap drinks and Top-40 music on the dancefloor.

The Globe and Mail's "University Report Card", which is a national survey on student satisfaction, ranked Brock first in several categories and sixth overall among 29 Canadian universities.


The Brock campus uses several buildings for academic purposes, as well as other student purposes.

Arthur Schmon Tower

The Arthur Schmon Tower was built in 1968 and is the flagship building of Brock University. Dr. Schmon was the primary force behind getting a university established in the Niagara peninsula and was the chairman of the Brock University Founders' Committee, formed in 1962. The Schmon Tower building houses the campus Library, as well as the offices of the University administration and the Matheson Learning Commons.

Thistle Complex

One of the oldest buildings at Brock, contains the majority of the lecture halls on campus, including Thistle 247, which is the largest lecture hall at Brock.

Welch Hall

Home to the faculty of education as well as the David Howes theatre.

Mackenzie Chown Complex

Originally designed by former Brock Chancellor Raymond Moriyama, the Mackezie Chown Complex primarily contains seminar rooms and science laboratories. The Mackezie Chown Complex also houses the Pond Inlet. Mackenzie Chown was the former mayor of St. Catharines, chairman of the Brock's Board of Trustees, and chairman of the fund raising committee for a new science laboratory building to be added to the Complex.

Scotiabank Hall

Built in 2001, Scotiabank Hall includes the Computer Commons, also called the "Fishbowl", the largest computer facility for student use on campus.

Academic South

Completed in 2003, Academic South contains 8 new, state-of-the-art lecture halls as well as offices for the faculty of Applied Health Sciences.

Taro Hall

Taro Hall houses Brock's Faculty of Business. It was opened in 1990 and was designed by Moriyama & Teshima Architects. Graduate programs (MBA, MAcc, MSc) are held on the main floor with undergraduate programs (BBA, BAcc) held throughout. In December 2007, Taro Hall underwent an extensive renovation to upgrade the entire facility.

Plaza Building

The newest building at Brock, completed in 2007, Plaza Building (Formerly Plaza 2006, before construction delays made 2006 an unsuitable name) contains the faculty of social sciences, as well as new computer facilities, seminar rooms and the new [ Brock Campus Bookstore] .

East Academic

East Academic is actually 3 smaller buildings that are used primarily as seminar rooms for classes in the Business, ESL, and History faculties.

Walker Complex

The Walker Complex is the athletic complex for Brock University. The Eleanor Misener Aquatic Centre, an 8 lane 50m x 18.3m Olympic size competitive swimming pool that features a depth adjustable hydraulic floor in shallow end (0-4 feet), a moveable bulkhead, 5m diving tower, two 1m springboards and two 3m springboards, two Tarzan ropes, and whirlpool (located on pool deck.) The Zone, a 5100 sq. ft. state of the art facility including over 60 pieces of cardio equipment as well as strength training equipment. Fitness and Dance studios are located on the upper level as are classrooms. The lower level includes the Ian K. Beddis Gymnasium, equipped with drop down curtains that can divide the gymnasium into four separate areas. Each area has one basketball, one volleyball and three badminton courts, that will accommodate recreational activities, intramural sports and Convocation. It is 23,900 square feet with a ceiling height of 30ft. The Beddis gymnasium 200m suspended track that has a rubberized surface. The Bob Davis gymnasium is home to the Badger Basketball, Volleyball and Wrestling teams. This gymnasium is used for a variety of PEKN and ED activity classes during weekdays. Gym 2 is the multipurpose gymnasium. The Leo Leblanc Rowing Centre is the training facility for the Badger varsity rowing teams and the St. Catharines Rowing Club. The eightperson tank allows rowers to simulate on water training. There are outdoor fields, tennis courts and nature trails.

Hamilton Campus

Brock University also maintains a campus in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. [] The primary user of this the facility is Faculty of Education, specifically the Pre-service Department and Graduate Studies in Education and Continuing Education.

The Hamilton Campus was officially opened November 2, 2000. It is a fully functioning campus complete with modern computer labs, an Instructional Resource Centre / Library, gymnasium, large classrooms, full and part-time faculty office space, food services, conference facilities, a board room, and green spaces within the courtyards and surrounding lawns of the campus.


The campus is currently home to 2,391 students, in 6 separate residences. The majority of these are first-year students, though there is a sizable population of upper-year students who live in residence as well. Traditional style residences are serviced by Sodexho food services, who operate the DeCew and Lowenberger Dining Halls, and are also responsible for a number of other miscellaneous residence tasks as well.

DeCew Residence

DeCew is the oldest of the Brock Residences (1969. DeCew contains 411 beds in a traditional residence style building. The majority of the rooms are double-rooms (room-mates), though there are also four single-rooms on each floor as well. Each floor typically houses 12 students who share two common living areas and two washrooms. These washrooms are normally divided male/female, except for one (as of 2006) residence 'house' which is female-only. DeCew Residence also houses the DeCew Dining Hall, which services DeCew, Vallee, and Earp Residences. This residence does not have any elevators and is 5 floors

DeCew Residence is divided into 10 'houses' of approximately 42 students each, each with its own mascot. The residence houses include: Keefer (Camels) , Fitzgibbon (Grizzlies, changed 2007, formerly female only and the "Paws"), Cruickshank (Dolphins), Hunter (Monsters), Holmes (Flamingos), Shickluna (Lions, formerly male only, and the "Devils"), Simcoe (Angels, female only), MacDonnel (Dragons), St. Julien (Moose), and Brant (Bulldogs). The Head Resident lives in the basement of Stairwell 17.

Gordon and Betty Vallee Residence

Gordon and Betty Vallee Residence, commonly referred to simply as "Vallee", is another traditional-style residence which o the laundry machines, maintenance closets, and a suite for the Head Resident. Students in this residence share a washroom with one other person and while this affords more privacy to the students living there, it also means that, unlike DeCew, students have to clean their own washrooms.

The residence is divided into 6 halls: Mack (Mallards), Egerton (Huskies), Bradley (Armadillos), Dufferin (G'Nomes), Renaud (Tiggers), and Yeo (Crusaders).

Alan Earp Residence

Earp Residence was officially opened in 2001, and is home to 255 students. The building is very similar to Vallee Residence, in that all of its rooms are single-rooms with a washroom shared between two students. Like Vallee, Earp is a five-story building, with the basement housing maintenance equipment and laundry facilities. The Head Resident lives in a room adjacent to the lobby.

Alan Earp Residence is divided into 5 floors: MacDougall (Groundhogs), Doherty (Phoenix), Sheaffe (Titans), Secord (Barracudas), and Merritt (Wizards).

Arnie Lowenberger Residence

Arnie Lowenberger Residence is the newest of Brock University's residences, and officially opened midway through 2003. The building endured some controversy, as it was not completed on time and all 311 of the students who were supposed to live in it had to be put up in nearby hotels for several weeks until the building could be completed. Since then, it has become known lovingly as "the Berg" by those who call it home. The residence building is named for Dr. Arnie Lowenberger, Professor emeritus, past Athletic Director and Dean of Physical Education. Dr. Lowenberger was the first Director of Residences for Brock University.

Lowenberger differs from Vallee and Earp Residences in terms of washrooms. Rather than being entirely composed of single-rooms, Lowenberger is a combination of single- and double-rooms, which are paired up with a washroom. Thus, each washroom in the building is shared between three students. Lowenberger also houses the Lowenberger Dining Hall, and the Head Resident lives in a room adjacent to the lobby.

Lowenberger is divided into 5 halls: East 100/200s -Richardson Hall (Ravens), West 200s -Nelles Hall (Stars), East 300s -Pierpoint Hall (Wolves), West 300s -Brown Hall (Coyotes), and East 400s -Beatty Hall (Hawks).

Village Residence

Village Residence currently contains 888 beds for students. It was originally opened in 1989, though expansions followed in 1993, 1998, and 2002. It is one of Brock's two non-traditional style residences, where 5 students in three single-rooms and one double-room share a common living space, as well as a kitchen. Village is not serviced by Sodexho food services, though students living there have the option of purchasing meal plans to use at either of the Dining Halls.

As of 2006, Village is divided into 3 areas, North, South, and West, and each area has 4 courts in it.

Village North is composed of Court 1 (Dittrick Spartans, formerly the "Cannibals"), Court 5 (Kirby Cows), Court 6 (Carnochan Killer Whales) and Court 12 (Bennet Broncos).

Village South is composed of Court 7 (Petrie Pirates), Court 8 (Wetherald Wolverines*), Court 9 (Hainer Hammerheads) and Court 4 (Tubman Polar Bears).

Village West is composed of Court 2 (Theal Eagles), Court 3 (Lampman Dinos), Court 10 (Currie Chameleons) and Court 11 (Green Gators).

*Court 8's Mascot has been changed to the Wolverines as of September 2007.

Quarry View Residence

Quarry View Residence opened in the fall of 2003, along with Lowenberger. It contains 288 beds, which are divided into 3- or 4-person units entirely in single-rooms. Quarry View, like Village, is a non-traditional residence where students have a common living area and kitchen.

Quarry View Residence is divided into 6 blocks: Block 1 -Butler (Musketeers), Block 2 -McFarland (Mavericks), Block 3 -Locke (Yellow Baboons), Block 4 -Muir (Martians), Block 5 -Gzowski (Sea Otters), and Block 6 -Robb (Renegades).

The Don of Academics mascot is the skunk, the head resident mascot is the tree, the don of activities mascot is the bat.

Notable alumni

*Rick Campanelli -- Television Personality, Actor
*Kyle Rae -- Toronto City Councillor
*Dr. Karl Kaiser -- One of Canada's pre-eminent winemakers who introduced icewine to oenophiles around the globe as a founder of Inniskillin Wines []
*Dr. Andy Panko -- President of Brownfield Revolution in Niagara-on-the-Lake []
*Rick Dykstra -- Member of the House of Commons
*Mr. Robert Neill -- Partner, Durward Jones Barkwell & Company LLP []
*Dr. Ian D. Beddis -- Leader in Calgary's investment industry, Former Chairman of the Alberta Stock Exchange and Chairman of the Alberta District of the Investment Dealers Association []
*Joshua D. Learn, MBA -- Director of Customer Service Representative Operations, CIBC
*Steve Debus -- Inventor/Founder of "Modrobes"
*Jim Ryan -- Chief Executive Office, St. Minver Limited
*Daniel Adair -- Musician, Nickelback
*Alex Pettes -- President, TFI Food Equipment Solutions
*Dave Ruggeri -- President, Butcher-Pro Knives Inc.
*Dennis Hull -- NHL Hockey Player
*Paul House (Honorary) -- President, CEO, TDL Corp. (Tim Hortons)
*Tonya Verbeek -- Olympic Silver Medalist (Wrestling)
*Buzz Hargrove (Honorary) -- President, CAW-Canada

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