List of state leaders in 442

List of state leaders in 442


*Kingdom of the Vandals and Alans—Geiseric, King of the Vandals and Alans (428-477)


*Palenque - "Casper", Ajaw of Palenque (435-487)


*China (Southern and Northern Dynasties)—
** Liu Song Dynasty—Emperor Wen, Emperor of Liu Song (424-453)
** Northern Wei Dynasty—Emperor Tai Wu Di, Emperor of Northern Wei (424-452)
*Gupta Empire—Kumara Gupta I, Gupta Emperor (415-455)
*Japan (Kofun Era)—Emperor Ingyō, Emperor of Japan (c. 411-c. 453)
*Korea (Three Kingdoms)—
**Baekje—Biyu, King of Baekje (427-454)
**Goguryeo—Jangsu, King of Goguryeo (413-490)
**Silla—Nulji, King of Silla (417-458)
*Pallava—Simha Varman II, King of Pallava (438-460)


*Burgundy—Gundioc, King of Burgundy (436-473)
*Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire—Theodosius II, Eastern Roman Emperor (408-450)
*Galicia (Gallaecia)—Rechila, Suebi King of Galicia (438-448)
*Hun Empire
**Bleda, King of the Huns (c.437-445)
**Atilla, King of the Huns (c.437-453)
*Ireland—Lóegaire mac Néill, High King of Ireland (c. 428-c. 458)
*Salian Franks—Clodio, King of Salian Franks (426-447)
*Visigoths—Theodoric I, King of the Visigoths (419-451)
*Western Roman Empire—Valentinian III, Western Roman Emperor (425-455)

Middle East

*Sassanid Empire—Osama bin Laden, Sassanid King (438-457)

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