Faculty of Philosophy, Cambridge

Faculty of Philosophy, Cambridge

The University of Cambridge was the birthplace of the 'analytical' school of philosophy in the early 20th century.

Today it is still a world-class centre for philosophy. The most recent Research Assessment Exercise (2001) gave Cambridge the highest possible score (5*A). The Faculty achieved the best possible results from The Times 2004 and the QAA Subject Review 2001 (24/24).

Philosophers currently at Cambridge

The list includes both current teaching staff and also research-active philosophers who play a significant role in the faculty's intellectual life.

* Arif Ahmed
* Simon Blackburn
* Quassim Cassam
* Clare Chambers
* Ben Colburn
* Ciara Fairley
* Raymond Geuss
* Jane Heal
* Eric James
* Hallvard Lillehammer
* John Marenbon
* Derek Matravers
* Hugh Mellor
* Karen Margrethe Nielsen
* Alex Oliver
* Serena Olsaretti
* Onora O'Neill
* Michael Potter
* Lubomira Radoilska
* Timothy Smiley
* Peter Smith

Past Cambridge Philosophers

There are various philosophers who have been Knightbridge Professor of Philosophy. The Knightbridge Chair was founded in 1683 and is one of the oldest established chairs in the university.

Famous philosophers who either worked or studied in Cambridge - including some Knightbridge Professors - include:

*Desiderius Erasmus
*Francis Bacon
*The Cambridge Platonists, including Ralph Cudworth, Benjamin Whichcote and Henry More
*William Whewell
*John Grote
*Henry Sidgwick
*J. M. E. McTaggart
*Bertrand Russell
*G. E. Moore
*Muhammad Iqbal
*Ludwig Wittgenstein
*C. D. Broad
*Richard Braithwaite
*Frank P. Ramsey
*Georg Henrik von Wright
*Jonathan Lear
*John Wisdom
*Elizabeth Anscombe
*Bernard Williams
*Amartya Sen
*Jonathan Bennett
*Ian Hacking
*Tom Baldwin
*Roger Scruton
*Kwame Anthony Appiah
*Alain de Botton

External links

* [http://www.phil.cam.ac.uk Faculty website]

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