Iha Fuyū

Iha Fuyū

Ryukyuan name : Iha Fuyū (伊波普猷 1876-1947), the "father of Okinawaology", was a Japanese scholar who studied various aspects of Japanese and Okinawan culture, customs, linguistics, and lore. He studied linguistics in the University of Tokyo. Iha devoted himself to the study of Okinawan linguistics, folklore, and history. His most famous book on the subject, the "Ko Ryūkyū" (Japanese for "Old Ryūkyū", published in 1911) remains one of the best works on Okinawan studies. He devoted much time to discover the Origins of Okinawan people and to establish their prehistory. He had considerable influence not only on the study of forklore of Okinawa, but also the folkore of Japan.


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