Flint Glass

Flint Glass

Flint Glass is an experimental electronic project by French electronic musician Gwenn Trémorin. Flint Glass' debut album was released on Brume Records, which was co-founded by Trémorin and Boris Volant from the experimental collective Atelier112.


*"Hierakonpolis" - (Brume Records) - CD - 2002
*"Hierakonpolis + Dashur EP" - (Funkwelten) - CD + EP - 2003
*"Nyarlathotep" - (Funkwelten/Brume Records) - CD - 2006


*"Zonk't" - "Air Field (Flint Glass Remix" on Itching - 2003
*"Empusae" - "Beauty of Decay" on Ritual Decay - 2003
*"Displacer" - "Fuelled" on Arroyo - 2004
*"HIV+" - "Havoc 2027 (Flint Glass Remix)" on Fuck Compilation - 2004
*"HIV+" - "Doors Of Perception (Deep Version By Flint Glass)" on Rotten Beat Manifesto - 2004"Prospero" - "Contagion & Rebirth (Remixed By Flint Glass)" on Spreading the Infection - 2004

ide Projects

*"Tzolk'in" - A collaboration project with Belgian artist Empusae - (Divine Comedy Records) - CD - 2004

External links

* [http://flintglass.free.fr The Flint Glass Website]
* [http://www.brumerecords.com Records]
* [http://www.funkwelten.de/funkwelten.html Funkwelten]

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