Sasha Paysinger

Sasha Paysinger

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Sasha Paysinger is a voice actress for ADV Films for English-dubbed anime titles.

Voice roles

*Kotoko-02 in Misaki Chronicles
*Hatoko Kobayashi in Angelic Layer
*Rumiko Sakamoto in
*Miruchi in Azumanga Daioh
*Seina Katsura in Best Student Council
*Sister Claire in Chrono Crusade
*Misaki Nishizawa, Menou Kurashina, and Freedert in D.N.Angel
*Nana in Elfen Lied
*Mila and Luci Robbins in Kaleido Star
*Elizabeth in Maburaho
*Asami Igarashi in Mezzo DSA
*Cecile in Gravion
*Misao Nanjō in Pani Poni Dash!
*Shin in Pretear
*Lilie in Princess Tutu
*Ms. Ishii in Puni Puni Poemi
*Marie in Sister Princess

External links

* [ Sasha Paysinger] at the English Voice Actor & Production Staff Database
* [ Sasha Paysinger] at the Internet Movie Database

*The Sasha Paysinger Fan Group []

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