List of Scrapped Princess characters

List of Scrapped Princess characters

The following is a list of characters from the anime Scrapped Princess.


Pacifica Casull

anime voices|Fumiko Orikasa|Kari Wahlgren The Scrapped Princess. Originally thrown over a cliff when she was just a baby, she survived and was adopted by the Casull family as their youngest child. With her blonde hair and blue eyes, she is the spitting image of her mother, and her sweet nature does not seem to suggest any ill things about her. Pacifica is young and innocent despite all that is going on around her, but she questions how so much suffering can occur due to her existence and blames herself for it. She is prophesized to be the poison that destroys the world when she turns 16 years of age. Because of this so called prophecy, Pacifica is stabbed and killed by her twin brother Prince Forsyth at the end of the show. It is then revealed that her death is what would trigger the destruction of Providence and the spell activates. She then confronts Celia Mauser, whom she is a physical recreation of, in a virtual world. After learning why Providence was created, Celia gives Pacifica the choice to determine humanity's future. Even though Pacifica is sympathetic to having an 'ideal' world to live in, she chooses instead to let humans make their own choices and 'destroys' Providence, freeing mankind once and for all. After everything is over and done with and the world is finally safe, Pacifica returns to her family farm with Shannon, Raquel, and Zefiris.

Shannon Casull

anime voices|Shinichiro Miki|Crispin Freeman The middle child of the Casull family after Pacifica was adopted, meaning he is Raquel's younger brother and Pacifica's older foster brother. Shannon is a skilled swordsman who has sworn to defend Pacifica's life no matter what, but he is reserved and calm despite many difficult things transpiring in the Casull sibling's lives. Later in the series, he merges with Zefiris to become a D-Knight. Strangely, he looks almost exactly like Zefiris' old master, Lord Beckham Mauser. In the end, Shannon manages to unlock the full power of the D-Knight and helps to retrieve Pacifica after her death, bringing her back to Earth. He later returns to his family farm with Pacifica, Raquel, and Zefiris.

Raquel Casull

anime voices|Sayaka Ohara|Bridget Hoffman The oldest member of the Casull children. She is a powerful magic-user and able to cast spells faster than many others. She has assumed a motherly role in the family and always maintain a calm, kind attitude. She is Shannon's sister and Pacifica's foster sister. Like Shannon, she has a striking resemblance to Celia and Beckenham Mauser's sister. It is however noted that she is often left the odd one out because of Shannon and Pacifica's close relationship. She doesn't seem to mind, but she is considerably less close to either of her younger siblings as they are to each other. But in some episodes it can be seen that she is actually concerned about Pacifica, for example when they went to the cave of bugs to look plants for Pacifica's antidote, she actually says that she didn't mind the danger because her sister's life was in danger. She's quite the type of comforting Pacifica by doing something not by telling it. And despite her kind, calm and though goofy nature, she will not hesitate to strike down anyone in her way of protecting Pacifica or Shannon.

=Christopher Armalite/Bairach=

anime voices|Takahiro Mizushima|Steve Staley Leader of the elite army unit "Obstinate Arrow". He attempts to kill the Scrapped Princess and kidnaps Winia Chester to lay a trap for the guardians. He is beaten in a duel by Shannon and asked to stay away in exchange for sparing his life. Later, in order for him to gain access to the castle's resources, he is officially adopted by Baroness Bailaha as her son. He appears to fill the role of honorable antagonist in this series. Later on in the series, he joins Pacifica to fight on her side. After Providence is 'destroyed' and mankind is freed, he marries Winia and is good friends with the Casulls.

Winia Chester/Bairach

anime voices|Kawasumi Ayako|Michelle Ruff Winia Chester is an introverted and lonesome inn-maid. Taken in and raised by her uncle out of pity for her after her parents died. She spends time with and becomes friends with Pacifica as it is one of the few times she has smiled and laughed since her parents were killed. When Christopher kidnapped her and took her to the Glass Canyon, Pacifica's identity of Scrapped Princess was revealed to her. Although initially confused and unable to accept the fact that her new friend was the poison of the world, Winia eventually came around, and continues to have a close friendship with Pacifica. In the Glass Canyon she discovers that her kidnapper, Christopher is also an orphan. After the brief kidnapping episode, she developes a deep attraction to Christopher Armalite/Bairach. After Providence is 'destroyed' and mankind is freed, she marries Chris and is good friends with the Casulls.

Leopold "Leo" Scorpus

anime voices|Takashi Kondo|Yuri Lowenthal A clumsy but well-meaning traveling lordling who wishes to become a knight. He joins Pacifica and her siblings, vowing to protect her and one day marry her. He begins as an idealistic youth seeking to join the order of Amber Knights. After meeting the retired legendary knight Doyle Barrett, he begins to question the meaning of justice and chivalry, setting his quest to knighthood in second priority until he can finally discover for himself what chivalry truly is. He constantly carries a stuffed dragon costume with him, a gift from the baker he worked for in the city of Taurus. The headband he wears was a bandage that Pacifica made for him when he hurt himself trying to keep up with their wagon. After mankind is freed, he continues to follow after Pacifica and fully proposes to her. After an exaggerated pause, she responds by slapping him saying she has better things to do, but is seen blushing as she turns away.


anime voices|Katsuyuki Konishi|Liam O'Brien (pronounced fee-or-ay) A young and quiet bouncer who used to be a member of an elite army unit. His friend in the unit wanted him back. That friend hinted at Furet's skills and bloody past. Furet found an amnesiac Pacifica amidst the wreckage of the crashed Skid, and reluctantly took her in when she started to follow him around. Furet gave Pacifica the name "Pamela" - the name of his late pet cat - while they were together. On one occasion, Furet gave Pacifica the wooden bath locker key he forgot to return to the bath house they had just visited. He and Pacifica develop a relationship that is very like that of Pacifica and Shannon. However, many things in the series suggest that they had been in love. When Pacifica was being held captive and she was talking to her mother, she described Furet to her. Her mother, who didn't let Pacifica know that she's Pacifica's mother, then commented that Pacifica grew up to be the age to fall in love. When Winia is talking to Chris she says that, though Pacifica had trouble admitting it, it seemed she loved him. Winia was one of Pacifica's closest friends and could thusly be expected to recognize such emotions in the princess. He bears a resemblance to Shannon Casull, both in terms of appearance as well as characteristics - this could be one reason why Pacifica took to him instantly when he found her without memory. Furet was wounded while escaping soldiers, and made Leopold swear to protect "Pamela" for him before sacrificing himself to hold the soldiers back and allow Leopold to escape. His last thoughts are of her, and trying to get to her. This could also mean that he loved her. His body was accidentally found by Shannon, who was still looking for Pacifica after Skid explosion. Shannon did not know that Furet had protected Pacifica and was crawling back to her. But he immediately understood that the dead fighter desparately wanted to be with someone, as desparately as Shannon seeks Pacifica. Shannon closes Furet's open eyes. Pacifica later regains former memory when she was protected by Shannon in captivity. However, she loses all the memory of the time she spent with Furet and the the lady who died in the cell next, who was her mother. Even so, when she finds the wooden bath locker key later on, she crys uncontrollably without knowing why. At the last episode, she tells Leo that the bath locker key is protecting her and keeps it in her person, even though she is unable to remember who Furet is. Furet uses dual knives as a weapon.

Doyle Barrett

anime voices|Tetsuo Kaneo|Kirk Thornton A doctor in a secluded forest area, Doyle used to be the head of the Amber Knights. He defied orders to throw the newborn princess down a cliff and kill her, as he began to doubt the true meaning of justice and chivalry that would have him kill an innocent child. When he found out that Pacifica was that same baby, he made an atonement by helping Raquel to save her life.

Kidaf Gillot the Silencer

anime voices|Daisuke Ono|Doug Erholtz A bard come bounty hunter who commands a group of poisonous bugs with his instrument. His original intention was to use his bugs to poison and kill Pacifica, but Raquel subdued him in order to collect the antidote from his cave. In awe of Raquel's devotion, Kidaf stopped going after the Scrapped Princess' bounty, and even agreed to help Pacifica find her siblings by sending his bugs to search for them. Much later in the series, he helped Pacifica (then known as Pamela) to get a job in a theater as one of the costumed players. He also helps Leopold and Winia get jobs there - Leo as another player and Winia as the snacks-sales lady. Eventually, when Pacifica gets found out, Kidaf advises her group on escaping the city, and stays behind to inform Raquel about what is going on. Later still, he helps to resist the Peacemakers.

Prince Forsyth/Forsis

anime voices|Junji Majima|Dave Wittenberg The Crown Prince and biological twin brother of Pacifica. Unlike his father the King, he has his people's welfare as top priority, and despises all this unnecessary bloodshed meted to take out the Scrapped Princess. For this reason - the other being his physical resemblance to his mother and Pacifica - he is constantly at conflict with the King. When Baroness Bailaha introduced Christopher Armalite to him as her adopted son, the two became close friends. Prince Forsythe was often at dilemma over the choices he might have to make between Pacifica - the younger sister he has never known - and his people. The Mauser Cardinal asks Forsis to be an Envoy of God and think about the greater good of his people. Later, Forsis arranges a meeting with Pacifica, to finally meet his twin. After a short and awkward conversation he embraces her and apologizes, then draws his sword and stabs her in the back. He then pulls the sword free and drives it into his own chest, to atone for killing his sister by dying with her. He is revived from death when Pacifica 'destroys' Providence. A comment by Chris at the end of the last episode reveals that Forsis will soon be crowned the new King.

Princess Senes Giat

anime voices|Yuki Matsuoka|Wendee Lee "Beast" Princess of the Giat Empire, she is quite short-tempered, due to her harsh childhood, where people feared her, and she and Pacifica often argued after they met. She is a warrior princess skilled with her sword and magic, and manages to revive the giant floating fortress "Skid" used 5000 years ago in the Genesis Wars, with the help of the Dragoon, Natalie. Along with two followers, Ruce and Drake, she fights using "Gigas", a dragon-like being that is somewhat similar to a Dragoon, but cannot take the form of a person. (and Eirote!)

Carol Casull

anime voices|Takako Honda|Dorothy Elias-Fahn The mother of Shannon and Raquel and adoptive mother of Pacifica - as well as a formidable sorceress. A slight but stately-looking woman with red eyes and silver hair, she was a friend of Pacifica's biological mother, but the relationship seems to have soured. It was she who decided that the infant Pacifica would receive a name that many people would like. Carol plays a greater role in the novel series than in the anime.

Yuhma Casull

anime voices|Tomoyuki Shimura|Dave Wittenberg The father of Shannon and Raquel and adoptive father of Pacifica. He is a stout, dark-skinned swordsman of seemingly foreign appearance, and quite a bit older than his wife. Despite being described as someone you wouldn't want to meet on the roads at night, he is a jovial man whose composure is difficult to break. Like Carol, Yuhma has a greater role on the novels.


Zefiris (Serial Number 26)

anime voices|Kaori Mizuhashi|Kate Higgins A Dragoon or powerful spiritual being, who has been watching the going-ons in this world for 5000 years, originally constructed to battle an alien race that attacked humans, but was used as a last resort plan to protect the Providence Breaker from the Peacemakers. Solemn, calm and quiet, Zefiris first appears as a mysterious character who seems to show up whenever the Casulls are in trouble, and often gives them hints that help them. Zefiris appears to have a very calm demeanour, and she first appears to be something like a cosmos guardian (Peacemaker), due to her strange abilities and unfazed demeanour, which is typical for the Peacemakers. She is one of the few remaining Dragoons since the Genesis War. She merges with Shannon, allowing him to become a D-Knight (D for Dragon or Dragoon) and to combat the Peacemakers. In the last episode Zefiris returns with the Cassuls to their family farm to live out her days with her new master.

Natalie (Serial Number 14)

anime voices|Satomi Koorogi|Mela Lee A fellow Dragoon who knows Zefiris, and took part in the Genesis Wars but, unlike Zefiris, lost most of her powers. To survive, she inhabits an ancient battle-vehicle, the Skid, as part of her body. Her personality is also cold and unfeeling, like the Peacemakers. Natalie does not consider herself a Dragoon anymore, even though, technically, she is still a Dragoon. Once, when Zefiris remarked that her methods were too forceful; the Dragoons were in the sealed world of Providence to be the Providence Breaker's Guardians against the Peacemakers, and to help humans. Natalie replied - in a rather unconcerned manner - (I am no longer a Dragoon. But we Dragoons need not go out of our way to help those foolish humans). Hinting that the humans, were a class below them (the Peacemakers and the Dragoons). Later in the series, as Natalie is unable to fight as a Dragoon, she helps create Dragoon emulations, the Gigas who are like the Dragoons and Peacemakers, except they do not have a humanoid form. Natalie no longer considers herself a Dragoon due to her failure to protect her master.

Gloria (Serial Number 7)

anime voices|Kumi Sakuma|Wendee Lee Another one of the few Dragoons who barely survived the Genesis Wars, due to the Peacemakers' betrayal. She is barely alive, and is unable to assume her true form of a Dragoon. She first appeared as a giant frog with numerous cracks on her body (using frog DNA to give herself physical form). She chased a terrified Pacifica around the lake until Zefiris dispersed her physical form, revealing a semi-transparent girl that was her humanoid form. After Pacifica followed Zefiris' request to tell Gloria to rest, Gloria thanked her and disappeared for good.



anime voices|Tomoe Hanba|Sandy Fox A young girl whom Shannon finds outside a town. She claims to have no parents, and said she was waiting for somebody, though she did not know who it was. She follows Shannon home. After a few strange occurrences involving her, Zefiris informs Pacifica that Suin is a Peacemaker in a compressed state (the human girl form) and, on top of that, an artillery type that can cancel out the Dragoons' presence. As if to prove this, as soon as Zefiris says that, Pacifica sees Zefiris disappearing, just as Suin walks into the room. Suin was compressed because artillery types were powerful and dangerous, so to keep them in a more stable condition, Cz was compressed as Suin. Galil, it turns out, was supposed to pick Suin up at the bridge and release her true form, but was eliminated by Zefiris before he could. Steyr went in his place to seek Suin out, finding her with Pacifica and finally "unzipping" her compressed form, causing her to revert back to Cz, the Peacemaker. There was in fact, some foreshadowing about Sim's true identity. In episode 8, when Shannon said that she might be killed if she stayed with them, she replied "I don't die." (which is in in fact true as Peacemakers are immortal). Also, she mentioned that she had no parents when Raquel inquired about it, not that they did or she got lost, but that she simply didn't have parents. In addition, when Pacifica tried to catch up with her in the woods, Pacifica was nearly out of breath while she was not even panting.


anime voices|Tomoe Hanba|Julie Ann Taylor A Peacemaker or human-shaped weapon programmed to destroy the Scrapped Princess. She wore one of a pair of earring charms which Pacifica gave her when she was Cin/Suin, which she continues to wear even after reverting back to her Peacemaker form. Later in the show, possibly because of her time as Cin/Suin, Cz's mentality is affected and she begins to sympathize with the humans, and later shows some reluctance to go on a mass killing spree. This seems to develop largely from her assignment to follow Shannon (in case he should find Pacifica), as she learns of his motivations and philosophy even while stating she doesn't care about them. (Note also in Episode 18, the two share an umbrella in a scene that mirrors Shannon/Suin's first meeting). Cz is an artillery type cosmos guardian. She appears to look like an attractive woman with long dark hair, but wears an outfit that looks rather different from the humans and is similar to what Steyr wears. Destroyed in last episode when she purposely drops her defenses taking a shot in the head from D-Knight Shannon.


anime voices|Michiko Neya|Karen Strassman A fellow Peacemaker like Cz, who comes to retrieve Cin who she claims is Cz in compressed form. She proves this by using her powers to revert Cin/Suin into what looks like an adult version of Cin/Suin. Of the Peacemakers, Steyr despises humans the most, angered at the 5000 years of "humans killing humans" she has seen. However, she is unaware that the Peacemakers, including her, are Valkyrie Types - an upgraded version of a Dragoon, and that she was created by humans, but got brainwashed into working for the enemy. Steyr's name is also mentioned as Stella. In her normal humanoid form, Steyr looks like a beautiful human woman with long pale blonde hair. Unlike Cz, Steyr is a civilian type cosmos guardian. Almost succeeds in killing Shannon in his full D-Knight form, but is destroyed when she's speared through the head by all three Gigas' light lances.


anime voices|Kazuya Nakai|Lex Lang Another Peacemaker, and also a civilian type like Steyr. He was killed by Zefiris earlier in the series. Strangely, he does not seem to very strong, as Zefiris did not have to transform into her true form to destroy him, and she killed him when she was getting decompressed. It may be because Galil was unaware of her ability, and got caught off guard (Zefiris had actually provoked him, which probably led to his blind attack.) Not much is said about his personality. Like all civilian types, he also has blonde hair. He was originally Cz's partner, as the Peacemakers operate in pairs, and was intended to retrieve Cz and decompress her - his death complicates Cz's decompression and forces Steyr to take over.


anime voices|Kazuya Nakai|Lex Lang An artillery type Peacemaker, like Cz. He appears later in the series. His personality is like Steyr's, but not as sadistic. He is also not as overly determined to get chances to kill people ( In an episode, while waiting for Pacifica to reach Leinwan, Steyr suggested to start killing people, but Socom, coming in the middle of the conversation between Steyr and Cz on who seems more human, said that there was no need to play petty tricks.). Nevertheless, he hates humans, or at least feels no particular desire to protect them. He is Steyr's partner. Destroyed in the last episode by the three Gigas when they use their light lances to slice him into three sections.


Celia/Seria Mauser

anime voices|Fumiko Orikasa|Michelle Ruff Seria is actually the Lord Mauser. 5000 years ago, she was a seer in the Genesis Wars, and could read the enemies' movements with great accuracy. With the combined powers of the Peacemakers (also known as the Valkyrie Type) and the Dragoons, humans were a formidable foe. However, Seria betrayed the humans to save her brother (A D-knight like Shannon, who also used Zefiris as his Dragoon) and sister. This led to the Peacemakers getting brainwashed, and humanity being sealed in the world called Providence. Seria had maintained her appearance from 5000 years ago to the present date in an artificial body. The Peacemakers obey her, and they do not know that she is actually a human woman. It is quite ironic, as the Peacemakers, (except for Cz) hate humans with a passion (this was only after they got brainwashed, and began to see the humans as foolish beings who just cause trouble). Seria looks exactly like Pacifica, except for lighter hair and a more matured look. Her siblings also look like Shannon and Raquel (except that Celia is their older sister, instead of younger). Why this is so, is never explained. At the end, when Seria asks Pacifica whether it was right for the humans to be sealed, Pacifica said that people should be set free. Seria then smiles, and before disappearing in the end, says that she is glad that she is finally free to join her dead siblings.

There is a notable resemblance between Pacifica and Seria. One theory is that Browning had intentionally used Seria's DNA as the DNA for the Providence Breaker, and that would explain why the Peacemakers cannot attack her, as Seria and Pacifica are practically the same person. This also explains why Shannon and Raquel look so alike to Seria's brother and sister from 5000 years ago.

Lord Browning

5000 years ago, he led 26 Dragoons, with their D-knights against the alien force - and later the Peacemakers - in an effort to defend humanity. In the 5000 years after the fall and sealing of humanity in Providence, he became a legend; just as Celia/Sillia became Lord Mauser, and the Peacemakers her Apostles, Lord Browning became known as the "Devil", while the faithful Dragoons were referred to as his "Demon servants", despite the fact that he is very much as human as Celia. It was said at first that he tried to wreak havoc on the world, but the Peacemakers and the Lord Mauser apparently defeated him. However, the truth was that the two of them were the most important people who helped defend the human race during the Genesis Wars, until Sillia betrayed them and caused the Peacemakers to get brainwashed.


Mr. Soopie/Soopy-kun

A dragon mascot used to market bread, buns and cakes by a baker. Originally, Pacifica wears the costume as a part-time advertising job but then gives the job to Leopold. Leopold is allowed to keep the costume as a reward for helping to sell the bread and then often uses the costume as pajamas. At one point, Leopold uses his Mr. Soopy costume to play the part of a dragon, while Pacifica (then known as Pamela) plays the part of the valiant knight and his horse (the design strikingly similar to Leopold and his horse Parabellum). Raquel seems to have an almost obsessive liking for Mr. Soopy, and once conjured up many little Mr. Soopy's to help Pacifica prepare dinner.


The one of Casull's two brown horses that receives more limelight, placed on the right when pulling the wagon. When Shannon left to rescue Winia, he took Dragunov with him. Later, after meeting Suin, the Casulls had no choice but to sell Dragunov and the wagon for money to make ends meet. Later, while fleeing soldiers, Leopold and Fulle picked up Dragunov and Parabellum (coincidentally kept in neighboring stalls) from the stable of "confiscated" horses in the city (we do not know it's Dragunov until Raquel, and then Pacifica, recognizes the horse). In the epilogue, Dragunov goes into labor.


One of the Casull's two brown horses, placed on the left when pulling the wagon. After Shannon successfully sold the wagon and Dragunov, Makarov was left to help them carry their supplies. After bumping into Seness and her troops, Makarov was placed in their safekeeping. The horse was eventually reunited with the Casulls after their successful escape from the capital.


Leopold Scorpes' white stallion. While Leopold was taking an interest in Pacifica, Parabellum was taking an interest in Dragunov (both males' heads were turned; but is also interpretable as the animal copying the master). Later, as Leopold and Winia were helping Fulle to hide Pacifica, Parabellum was confiscated by the Army. Before making their escape, Leopold and Fulle went back into town to pick out two horses to help them get away; Leopold immediately picked out Parabellum by whistling to him. Fulle then took the horse next to Parabellum (Dragunov, coincidentally enough). There is a likely chance that Parabellum sired Dragunov's offspring, seeing that Dragunov goes into labor in the epilogue.

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