An impression is the overall effect of something.

Impression may also refer to:
* Impressionist (entertainment), a mimic
* Impression seal, a form of identifying seal
* Impression Formation, the process of integrating information about a person
* Impression management, the process by which people try to control their image
* Post-Impressionism, the development of French art since Manet
* PhotoImpression, image management software by ArcSoft
* Cost per impression, cost accounting tool using in e-marketing
* Impression (publishing), a print run

In medicine:
* Impression (dental), a dental procedure
* Maternal impression, the effect of maternal mental states on foetal development
* Colic impression, a feature of the gall bladder
* Renal impression, a feature of the gall bladder
* Suprarenal impression, a feature of the gall bladder
* Duodenal impression, medial to the renal impression
* Gastric impression, a feature of the liver

In law:
* Case of first impression, "primae impressionis"
* Present sense impression, a type of witness statement

In popular culture:
* Impression, Sunrise, a painting by Claude Monet
* Impressions of France,a film about France
* False Impression, a novel by Jeffrey Archer
* Impressions (Angel novel), a novel derivative of the television series "Angel"
* Impression (Dragonriders of Pern), a joining of minds in the "Dragonriders of Pern" novels
* The Big Impression, a British comedy sketch show

In music:
* First Impressions, 1959 Broadway musical
* Impression (album), the soundtrack from the anime series "Samurai Champloo"
* First Impressions (EP), an album by "Thrice"
* First Impressions of Earth, an album by rock band "The Strokes"
* Impressions (album), an album by John Coltrane
* Impressions (composition), a jazz standard composed by John Coltrane
* Impressions (Laura Nyro album), an album by Laura Nyro
* Impressions (Mike Oldfield album), an album by Mike Oldfield
* Impressions in Blood, an album by the band "Vader"
* Manic Impressions, an album by the band "Anacrusis"
* Second First Impression, an album by Daniel Bedingfield
* Wrong Impression, a song by Natalie Imbruglia
* First Impressions (Angel), a 2000 episode of the television series "Angel"
* Impressions Games, a video game developer
* The Impressions, a music group from Chicago
* Impressions chronology, a list of works by the music group "The Impressions"
* The Never Ending Impressions, an album by the music group "The Impressions"
* The Versatile Impressions, an album by the music group "The Impressions"
* The Fabulous Impressions, an album by the music group "The Impressions"
* The Impressions (album), an album by the music group "The Impressions"

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