CPS may refer to any of the following.

Companies, associations, and other organisations


*Corporate Protective Services, Sydney based GPS monitoring company
*Chatswood Public School, a school in Sydney.


*Calgary Police Service, the police service for the city of Calgary, Alberta
*Canadian Pacific Survey
*Canadian Paediatric Society
*Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons, an association that teaches safe boating
*Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties


*Committee of Public Safety, the "de facto" executive government in France, 1793-1794


*Children's Paradise School


*Creative Power Solutions, an engineering consulting firm specialising in power plant technology based in Baden, Switzerland

United Kingdom

*Cambridge Philosophical Society, a scientific society at the University of Cambridge
*Centre for Policy Studies, a British think-tank
*Chamberlayne Park School
*Crown Prosecution Service, in the United Kingdom
*Compass International Airways (ICAO airline designator)
*Cambridge Positioning Systems (bought by CSR - Cambridge Silicon Radio)

United States

*Center for the Partially Sighted, an agency that promotes independent living for people of all ages with impaired sight, in Los Angeles, California
*Chicago Public Schools
*Child Protective Services, a state or local government agency in the United States which investigates child abuse and neglect
*ChoicePoint, whose New York Stock Exchange symbol is CPS
*Cincinnati Public Schools, Hamilton County, Ohio
*Civilian Public Service, a national system of work camps for conscientious objectors in the United States administered and paid for by the peace churches during World War II
*Coalition for Positive Sexuality, a self-described "guerrilla sex education" group
*The College Preparatory School, a high school in Oakland, California
*CPS Energy, San Antonio's municipally owned natural gas and electric company

cience and technology


*Centipoise, a measurement of viscosity
*counts per second, a measurement of the number of instrument-detected events per second, e.g., the number of photons per second in fluorescence emission spectroscopy
*Cycle(s) per second, now known as hertz, which is the SI unit for frequency
*Cells per second, bandwidth measurement unit for ATM protocol.


*Capsaicin, a pungent component of chili peppers

Music theory

*Combination Product Set, all ways of choosing the product of m distinct values from a set of n primes, treated as a subset of an n-dimensional lattice to create a musical scale with many just intonation chords

Childhood psychology

*Collaborative problem solving (from the book "Explosive Child", a model to handle children and adolescents with behaviour problems)


*Capcom Play Systems, CPS-1, CPS-2, and CPS-3, arcade system boards manufactured by Capcom in the early 1990s
*Certification Practice Statement, legal document that describes how the Certificate Authority manages the certificates it issues
*Characters per second is a measurement of the data transfer rate during a Direct Client-to-Client file transfer, like bytes per second
*Citrix Presentation Server, now known as Citrix XenApp.
*Collaborative portal server
*Conversational programming system, an early time sharing operating system that ran on IBM System/360 mainframes
*Continuation-passing style, a programming technique
* Cornish Public Server, a UK gaming server for MOHAAS


*Constant pressure system, a technology used in some super soakers


*Compensating phase shift

Polymer science

*Compact polystyrene


*Calls per second in telephony or other telecommunications
*Carrier Preselect, a landline telephone option that lets European customers use a third party for call charges instead of using the national operator (British Telecom, KPN, Telekom, Swisscom, Belgacom, etc) without dialling a prefix


*Caterpillar Production System, Modeled after The Toyota production System.
*Central Park South, a street in New York City
*Certified Professional SafeTech(tm), as awarded by the Safe and Vault Technicians Association
*Claims processing system, a warranty processing system available for use by automobile dealerships
*Classroom Performance Systems, a technological student assessment system
*Clerk Police Sergeant, or Clerk Sergeant, a former rank in the London Metropolitan Police
*Computerized performance system, a technical system for manipulating audio, video, and symbols, and performing complex and repetitive mixing procedures for recorded or live performance
*Crane, Poole & Schmidt, a fictional law firm in the television series Boston Legal
*Current Population Survey, conducted by the United States Census Bureau to measure unemployment and other labor data
*Certified Professional Secretary

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