Saint-Isidore, New Brunswick

Saint-Isidore, New Brunswick


Situated on the Acadian Peninsula, the settlement was founded by Rev. Gagnon in 1876, it merged with the community of Bois-Hébert which were incorporated in 1991 as the current "Village de Saint-Isidore". The current mayor is Cécile Renaud.

Saint-Isidore belongs the the town of Tracadie-Sheila's sphere of influence. With the population being Acadian, almost all of its inhabitants speak French as a mother tongue and are of the Catholic religion. This is represented through the majestic local church, built in 1904. The local school name is École la Relève and offers kindergarten programs until the 7th grade.

The main industries are agriculture, asphalt and services. The village maintains a local museum, a public pool and a few parks around the municipality. It is crossed by provincial roads 160 and 135.

Famous residents of Saint-Isidore (including those who are from there but no longer live there) include AIDS activist Dr.Réjean Thomas and opera singer Michèle Losier, both now living in Montreal, Quebec.

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