In-mould decoration

In-mould decoration

In-mould decoration, a special type of plastic moulding, is used for decorating plastic surfaces with color and/or with an abrasion resistant coat.


A carrier foil is placed inside the opened mould. It carries the dried paint layers which are to be transferred to the plastic part, with the paint facing the gate. After filling with plastic the paint adheres to the plastic, and is removed from the carrier when opening the mould. For the next cycle the carrier foil is advanced, positioning the next area to be transferred.

Mould construction

The mould must be constructed so that the back side of the carrier foil rests against a flat wall. The plastic foil can be bent slightly, but the more it is bent, the greater the risk of wrinkles. The filling only takes place on the other side, the side the of carrier with the material to be transferred. The part has to stay on the side of the gate (= ejectors on gate side). The tips of the ejectors are usually bent slightly to ensure the parts stick to them)

Carrier foil feeder

To place the carrier quickly in the mould, the carrier foil is wound on a coil. The full supply roll is above the mould, and the take-up roll beneath. Usually the foil feeder is attached to the moving side of the mould, to enable demoulding when opening the mould.

Cleaning of the parts

Remnants from the paint ("flakes") must be removed from the parts. This is usually done by rotating brushes.

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