Warwick (bass guitar)

Warwick (bass guitar)

Warwick is a bass guitar company founded in Germany in 1982 by Hans-Peter Wilfer.


= Bass Guitars =Warwick offers more than 20 bass models ranging in price from $1000 to over $7,000 (2006 pricing). Warwick basses are renowned for their unique "growling" tone and prized for their use of high quality tonewoods and unorthodox aesthetics.Their slogan is "The Sound of Wood". Indeed, their products are all made of rare woods. Streamer models use a body shape similar to that of Stuart Spector NS basses. All Warwick-branded instruments are hand-crafted in Germany except the "Alien" acoustic bass, which is made in Korea. Since the 1990's, all electric basses are using MEC pickups and electronics (SD Basslines are also available on certain models). Left-handed, "broadneck" and fretless versions are also available with 4, 5, 6 and 7 strings with no additional charge.

Warwick Bass Models & Timeline

*1982- Nobby Meidel (company founded)
*1983- Streamer Bass
*1984- Thumb NT Bass
*1986- Buzzard
*1987- Streamer Stage I (successor of Streamer Bass)
*1987- Streamer Stage II
*1987- Dolphin Pro I
*1990- Dolphin Pro II
*1993- Fortress One, Masterman
*1993- Streamer LX
*1994- Thumb Bolt On
*1994- Corvette Proline
*1995- Corvette Standard and Infinity
*1996-2000 Streamer Pro M and Fortress Flashback
*1999- Streamer Jazzman (all Fortress models discontinued)
*2003- Vampyre ltd and SN(Rockbass introduced)
*2004- Katana NT and BO
*2005- Stryker
*2006- Corvette and Streamer $$, reintroduction of the Streamer LX
*2007- Corvette $$ NT, Corvette Taranis, Vampyre Dark Lord BO
*2008- reintroduction of the Nobby Meidel, Star II, all SN basses Discontinued

ignature Series

Warwick offers Signature Models (some limited). For exceptional artists

*1993 James Earl Signature Streamer Stage 1 5 String (Ash Body, Maple/Wenge Neck, JJ PU )
*2005 P-Nut limited Signature Bass Streamer Stage 2 5 String (Walnut/Purpleheart Body, Ovangol Neck (Thumb like), MM/J passive PU)
*2005 Jack Bruce CRB (Cream Reunion Bass)
*Jack Bruce Signature (Thumb NT)
*John Entwistle Signature Buzzard
*Jonas Hellborg Signature Bass
*Jäcki Reznicek Signature Streamer Stage 1 (Ash Body, Maple Neck, 26 Frets)
*2006 P-Nut II limited Signature Bass Streamer Stage 2 5 String (Tigerwood/Purpleheart Body, Ovangol/Purpleheart Neck, MM/J passive PU)
*2008 Nobby Meidel Signature (updated re-issue)

Limited Editions

Warwick offers a special-run limited edition annually. These basses are upgraded versions of existing models that usually have features otherwise unavailable.

*2001 Thumb Bolt-on LTD (Thumb with ovangkol body, bubinga top, and J/J pickup configuration)
*2002 Corvette FNA Jazzman LTD (Corvette with walnut body, bubinga top, J/MM pickup configuration, and block mother of pearl inlays)
*2003 Thumb "Bleach Blonde" LTD (Thumb with flamed maple top and fretboard and J/J pickup configuration)
*2004 Corvette FNA LTD (Corvette with koa top, J/TJ pickup configuration, and fisheye inlays)
*2005 Corvette “Hot Rod” LTD (Corvette with flamed maple top, maple fretboard, P/P pickup configuration, and planet inlays)
*2006 Thumb BO "Dirty Blonde" LTD (Thumb with birdseye poplar top, P/MM pickup configuration, and gull inlays)
*2007 Thumb "Flamin' Blonde" LTD (Thumb with lacewood top, J/MM pickup configuration, and LED flame inlays)
*2008 Streamer LX LTD (Streamer LX with Madrona Burl top, Swamp Ash Body, Walnut middle, Ebony fretboard, Flamed maple neck)

Notable Players and their signature models

Veteran bass players Jack Bruce and the late John Entwistle have played and endorsed Warwick basses and both players have had custom-made signature models made by Warwick. Bruce has the "Jack Bruce Signatre Thumb NT" and the "Jack Bruce CRB" (Used for the Cream 2005 Reunion). John Entwistle has been a long time user of the "LTD Buzzard". In 2005, Warwick introduced the Stryker, a replica of Entwistle's custom design bass used during his Who days. Warwick also produced the Jack Bruce Limited Edition "Cream Reunion" bass. This model was based on his original Gibson EB3 bass which he used during the recent Cream reunion shows. Also, Jonas Hellborg has recently had a "signature" model made for him, consisting of a semi Acoustic bass. The design is somewhat similar to his Wechter "Roman" bass, and he has taken to using these basses on tour as of 2006. Bassist P-Nut of 311 also has two signature models, which are based on his Streamer Stage II 5-strings. These are the P-Nut Signature and P-Nut II Signature. Ex-Jamiroquai bassist Stuart Zender and Warwick have recently reunited to produce an exclusive Stuart Zender signature bass guitar. Zender began his career by playing Warwick guitars in 1993, when Jamiroquai was formed. Zender endorsed Warwick during his Jamiroquai days, with Warwick designing and bringing him custom models such as the infamous Warwick Iroquai "rug" bass, the all white bass including blue L.E.D's, the Chrome "Ender" along with many other original Warwicks. The Stuart Zender signature bass is currently still in the design stages, but it has been confirmed that there will be two models. The first to come will be the high-end, top of the line "pro" model, while the second will be a more affordable solution, but not due to arrive until 2010.

A few other notable Warwick bass players include:
* Dirk Lance (ex-Incubus)
* Doug Ardito (Puddle Of Mudd)
* John Maggard (Unearth)
* Jukka Koskinen (Norther)
* Kenneth Seil (Scar Symmetry)
* Kevin Dorr (ex-12 Stones)
* Marco Hietala (Nightwish, Tarot (band))
* Mark Klepaski (Breaking Benjamin)
* Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne)
* Paul Gray (Slipknot)
* Peter Charell (Trapt)
* Sam Rivers (Limp Bizkit)
* Shawn Wade (12 Stones)
* Todd Harrell (3 Doors Down)
* Traa Daniels (P.O.D.)

The RockBass Line

In 2002, Warwick introduced the RockBass line which offered a low-cost alternative to several of their more expensive lines:

*RockBass Streamer Standard
*RockBass Corvette Basic
*RockBass Vampyre
*RockBass Fortress (a model which Warwick has discontinued)

The RockBasses are produced in China (once in Taiwan). The expensive woods of their original shapes are replaced with less expensive ones. RockBass only have gloss surfaces.It is also worth noting that RockBass comes with MEC electronic.

=Other Products=They also have a product line of amplifiers, strings, straps, Bags & Cases, Surface Finisher Wax and all kinds of other collections with the Warwick Logo, including T-shirts and mirrors.

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