Perineal artery

Perineal artery

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Latin = arteria perinei
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Caption = The superficial branches of the internal pudendal artery. (Perineal artery visible but not labeled.)

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BranchFrom = internal pudendal artery
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:"For the artery also known as the "perOneal artery", see fibular artery"The perineal artery (superficial perineal artery) arises from the internal pudendal artery, and turns upward, crossing either over or under the Transversus perinæi superficialis, and runs forward, parallel to the pubic arch, in the interspace between the Bulbocavernosus and Ischiocavernosus, both of which it supplies, and finally divides into several posterior scrotal branches which are distributed to the skin and dartos tunic of the scrotum.

As it crosses the Transversus perinæi superficialis it gives off the transverse perineal artery which runs transversely on the cutaneous surface of the muscle, and anastomoses with the corresponding vessel of the opposite side and with the perineal and inferior hemorrhoidal arteries.

It supplies the Transversus perinæi superficialis and the structures between the anus and the urethral bulb.

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