The Three Friends and Jerry

The Three Friends and Jerry

"The Three Friends and Jerry" is an animated television series which aired in the United States on Fox Family from 1998 to 1999. A Swedish/British co-production, the series was created by Magnus Carlsson and produced by Happy Life Productions and TV Loonland.


Jerry is a new kid who does not fit with any of his schoolmates. This series shows his best attempts to try to be liked by the 'three friends' who do not want him to be part of their group but still let him hang out with them as long as he helps them with their problems.


Although Nickelodeon adopted "The Three Friends and Jerry" into their lineup, many people though it was not appropriate for children to watch. The Three Friends and Jerry show had sexual themes as in one episode Jerry peeps on Linda while she's putting on panties at the girls' locker room, also in the opening scene The Three Friends and Jerry are trying to look at the girls' panties with a mirror while the girls are jumping rope. In another episode the kids are caught by their teacher going to pornography pages on the school computers. The show also showed the kids doing illegal things like money laundering and breaking in houses. Due to these causes the show only lasted about one year.


Main Characters

* Jerry - he's a new kid at town. He always seems to come up with an idea. He tries to have a friendship with Frank, Thomas and Eric. He sports blond hair. He wears a yellow shirt, blue pants, and red shoes.

* Frank - he's the one with the short haircut that is more less similar to that of Curly Howard of Three Stooges fame. He's lovesick on his cousin Linda. He isn't letting Jerry on his team. He wears blue T-Shirt with number 1, black pants, and green shoes.

* Thomas - he's a kid. He never dresses out his big green hat. He's on Frank's team. He wears a red shirt, green shoes, and brown shoes.

* Eric - he's a kid. He loves play football. He's on Frank's team. He's got blond hair. He wears green T-Shirt, blue pants, and black football shoes.

* Linda - she's Frank's cousin. She hates little boys and decides to go to dates with older boys. She wears a green blouse, red skirt and black shoes. She's got blond hair.

* Mimmi - she's a daughter of Roy Johnson and Linda's friend. She's a brunette. She wears a blue dress with sun picture and red shoes.

* Tess - she's Tony's sister and Linda's friend. She's got blond hair. She wears a white blouse, purple dress, and green shoes. She loves Eric and keeps that on secret from Linda and Mimmi.

econdary Characters

* Roy Johnson - he's Mimmi's dad and a boss of the shop at Carlsonville.

* Monica - she loves Tony and works in shop.

* Tony - he's Tess' brother. He loves play rock music.

* PE Teacher - he's Jerry's dad. He's very angry to three friends and his son, but he's got the good heart.

* Teacher - she teaches Jerry's class. The three friends and Jerry tries to send her to space to don't have any lesson.

* Vicar Dick - he's keeping the eye on town where everything is fine. He works on church.

* Oscar - he's very lazy and without money. He lives at old house.

* Mr and Mrs. Ingrid Bertwhistle - they're Jerry's neighbors.

Minor Characters

* Jerry's mum - she loves Jerry and her husband.

* Frank's parents - they love Frank.

* Simon - he's Frank's country cousin.

* Catherina Pantkin - she's a skating teacher.

* Albert Whistle - he's Jerry's grandpa and Emma's boyfriend. He loves playing bombs. He's father of Mr. Bertwhistle.

* Emma - she's old lady and Albert's girlfriend.

* TV Newsreader - he works on TV.

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