Deal$ is a dollar store chain in the midwest and southeast United States. It was acquired by Save-A-Lot in 2002 and by Dollar Tree in 2006. There are 138 Deal$ stores across many U.S. states, most of them are located in Missouri, mostly in and around St. Louis, Missouri. Deal$ was voted the best dollar store inside St. Louis in 2003.

Deal$ was founded in 1999 by Tom Holley, who owned the local St. Louis Grandpa's discount store, which he sold in 1999 to Value City.

Changes Under Dollar Tree Ownership

* The Deal$ line of merchandise is being discontinued and replaced with Dollar Tree brand items.
* Name brand merchandise is becoming more common as opposed to off-brand and discontinued products, though at higher prices than the typical dollar store.
* Deal$ stores are now managed to arrange their merchandise in the Dollar Tree "ribboning" style (one brand in a column).
* Deal$ is no longer a true dollar store. Although many items are still one dollar or less, Dollar Tree as part of their operating policies now sells items that cost more than a dollar. As a result, the slogan "Deal$ - nothing over a dollar" has been changed to "Deal$ - too good to pass up".
* At least some stores are now advertising $ 5.00 and less on all merchandise. All items unmarked are one dollar and anything higher has a sticker..Usually in the category, $2.00, $3.00, or $5.00. Unlike certain dollar stores such as 99 cent stuff, Deal$ does not sell produce.

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