Ticino League

Ticino League

The Ticino League ( _it. Lega dei Ticinesi) is a regionalist, populist right-wing Swiss political party active in the canton of Ticino.

In 1991, after some public campaigning in the Sunday journal "Mattino della Domenica" against political power and use of public money, the editor Giuliano Bignasca and the director Flavio Maspoli founded the Ticino League to continue the fight at the political level.

Since 1991, the party has been represented in the National Council and in the five-member cantonal Ticino executive (the Council of State, "Consiglio di Stato") with Marco Borradori. In 2003, it held one seat (out of 200) in the Swiss National Council (the first chamber of the Swiss parliament). It was not represented in the second chamber nor on the Swiss Federal Council (executive body).

By 2005, it held 0.5 percent of the seats in the Swiss cantonal parliaments, and 0.9 percent of the seats in cantonal governments (BADAC index, weighted with the population and number of seats). At the last legislative elections, 22 October 2007, the party won 0.5 % of the popular vote and 1 out of 200 seats. [ [http://www.politik-stat.ch/nrw2007CH_de.html Nationalrat 2007 ] ]

The party has some ties with the regional and federalist northern Italian party Lega Nord.


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* [http://www.legaticinesi.ch/ Official website] (in Italian)

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