The Whole Truth (Lost)

The Whole Truth (Lost)

Infobox Television episode | Title = The Whole Truth
Series = Lost (TV series)
Season = 2
Episode = 16
Airdate = March 22, 2006
Production = 216
Writer = Elizabeth Sarnoff &
Christina M. Kim
Director = Karen Gaviola

Caption = "Henry Gale" speaks to Ana Lucia
Guests = L. Scott Caldwell
Sam Anderson
Tony Lee
Michael Emerson
Greg Joung Paik
Episode list = "Lost" (season 2)
List of "Lost" episodes
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"The Whole Truth" is the 40th episode of "Lost". It is the sixteenth episode of the second season. The episode was directed by Karen Gaviola, and written by Elizabeth Sarnoff and Christina M. Kim. It first aired on March 22, 2006 on ABC. The character of Sun-Hwa Kwon is featured in the episode's flashbacks.


Centric Character(s): Sun

"In flashback, it is shown that Sun and Jin were experiencing difficulties in their marriage because they were unable to have children. They seek help from a doctor who tells them Sun is incapable of having children. Jin reacts poorly and accuses Sun of having known this before their wedding and concealing it from him."

"It is also revealed that Sun was still seeing her old boyfriend, Jae Lee, who is secretly giving her English lessons. She tells Jae about her plans to leave Jin, but Jae warns against it: his relationship with a woman for whom he traveled to America did not work out. He wants Sun to stay in Korea for him. Sun and Jae exchange romantic glances."

"Later, the doctor finds Sun and admits to her that it is actually Jin who is sterile, but he had been afraid to tell Jin because he knows Jin works for Sun's father and would have burned his practice "to the ground" if he told a man like Jin that he was sterile."

On the island, Sun and Jin are experiencing problems because of Jin's over-protectiveness towards Sun after her attempted abduction. Sun suspects she is pregnant.

Sun approaches Sawyer for a pregnancy test kit, and Kate and Sun wait anxiously for the result, which is positive. Still having doubts about the result, Sun consults Jack, who says a false negative is one thing, but a positive is usually a positive — and congratulates her on her new baby.

Bernard and Rose are seen walking along the beach arguing about Bernard forgetting Rose's birthday. Bernard attempts to catch oysters on the reef to make a pearl necklace for Rose, until Jin figures out what he is doing and tells him in broken English that there are none. Sawyer congratulates Jin on the new baby--he does not understand.

Locke tells Ana Lucia about the captive, Henry, and asks her to interrogate him without consulting Jack.

Ana Lucia gets Henry to give her a map of the supposed location of his balloon but seeing the rift between Jack and Locke, decides not to tell either of them. She instead convinces Sayid to guide her to the site to see if the balloon exists. Charlie accompanies them, inadvertently revealing to Ana Lucia that he is carrying a gun. Charlie gives the gun to Sayid, rather than Ana Lucia, a "murderer." They arrive at the site and begin looking but do not find it. Ana Lucia wants to be sure before she and Sayid do anything drastic to Henry, so Sayid splits the area into three parts and says that they will continue looking until Ana Lucia is satisfied.

Jin apologizes to Sun for their earlier argument. He tells her that he needs her since he cannot understand anybody else. Sun tells him she is pregnant. She also tells him that he is the one who is sterile, but tells him that he is the only man she has ever slept with. Jin believes her and says the baby is a "miracle." As the two embrace, Sun gives off a nervous yet happy look.

Back in the hatch, Jack lets Henry out of the armory and gives him cereal from a box covered in DHARMA logos. Henry questions where they got it, to which Locke says from the pantry full of food; Henry replies with disbelief that they do not question the hatch and its contents more closely. Henry then states that this must be his reward for good behavior, for finally drawing the map to his balloon.

Jack and Locke are speechless as Henry goes on to say that Ana Lucia probably did not tell them because of their constant power struggle and "trust issues". He then plays on their fears by pointing out that if he was an Other, he would have used this opportunity to lead their friends to a secluded place where they would be ambushed, captured, and traded for Henry's life. Henry ends the episode by saying it is a good thing he is not "one of them", and "You guys got any milk?"

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