Kaczism (Polish: "kaczyzm", pronounced|ˈkat͡ʂɨzm) is a pejorative or satirical term to describe the political doctrine of the Polish political party Law and Justice (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość) government. The critics of the Kaczyński brothers perceive this doctrine as a mix of nationalism, populism and clericalism.

The word itself is derived from the surnames of the PiS party leader and the Polish ex prime minister Jarosław Kaczyński and his twin brother and the Polish president Lech Kaczyński. It bears an obvious resemblance to the Polish word 'faszyzm' (English: fascism). It also has humorous significance because the surname "Kaczyński" resembles the word "" (English: duck).

Its first recorded use was in February 2006 when it appeared on the pages of the weekly "Wprost" [ [http://www.wprost.pl/ar/?O=73660 "Triumf kaczyzmu" (The Triumph of Kaczism)] (in Polish)] where it was used to describe the political doctrine of the Kaczynski brothers in a positive sense (compare Thatcherism).

It gained notoriety after it was used by a Polish leftist politician Joanna Senyszyn (a member of the Democratic Left Alliance) during a parliamentary debate in the Polish Sejm in a far more sinister and negative way "the specter of "kaczism" is haunting Poland" (widmo kaczyzmu krąży nad Polską) [ [http://ks.sejm.gov.pl:8009/kad4/102/41022054.htm Transcript of Senyszyn's speech] (in Polish)] The notion has spread with a negative connotation with the Kaczynski government alienating large groups of society by embarrassing Poland internationally and at home. While it remained popular with the population of pensioners because of constant obsession of making reference to WWII or the Communist era, it was widely disliked by the young, urban and educated. Because of such age and status profile of Kaczynski supporters, before the 2007 elections there was a slogan mobilising the young generation circulating in e-mail and sms: "Help to save Poland - Hide your granny's ID before the elections!". This and similar actions have resulted in an unprecedented turnout of the young in 2007 elections.

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* Radio Maryja (played a decisive role in the triumph of kaczism as an ideology)
* Kaczynski twins


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