Marc Carl

Marc Carl

Marc Carl (born 1949) is a French ecologist and humanist.

Historical pioneer of humanist ecology, main founder in 1979 of the international eco-humanist network Gaia Mater (the mother Earth), and representative of this organization under permanent consultative status in the Economic and Social Council of the UNO. His particular expression is at the origin of a new field of philosophical research, the philosophy of evolution.

In his comprehension, the clever living being can change whole or part of the universal evolution. And human evolution depending now more on our culture than on natural selection, we must follow a permanent process of adaptation to our evolutive environment, where our thought must remain as free as possible, and where all mankind must necessarily unite to prevent being self-destroyed, sharing all its means efficiently. Marc Carl wanted to show that the human spirit can progress better accepting the possibility of error and the possibility of correcting it permanently.

His book "speeches on humanist ecology and philosophy of evolution" (LEAI-Paris 1998-2002) is considered as the main reference of this current of thought. It is the official founder text of the Gaia Mater network, and of the related collectives. Some of his articles, editorials, notes, of 1998 were also compiled in a fascicle called "Humanist Ecology, you know?", published first by a collective of euro-African associations, and taken back then in free broadcasting on Internet.His thought is fed by a long hands-on experience. As expert in the domains of energy, water, and recycling of industrial waste, then responsible for operations of international inter-NGO solidarity, his experience allowed him to put in evidence the synergies and the correlations which link societal and environmental factors.

He wanted to give himself the example of an eco-humanist behaviour, involved into the human being, favouring the way of association, worker management, sharing, the one which puts manwork before the capital. The relations of human conflictuality preoccupied him particularly. Practitioner then teacher of martial arts, he was early interested in the control of conflictual behaviours, publishing two books in this domain, "Free boxing" and "Savate & Chausson" (Ed. Chiron, Paris, on 1976). Regarding his professional occupations, since 1979, he created in France one of the first working cooperative societies engaged in a development of nonpolluting energies (solar, hydrogen), and treatment of water and waste. He improved the stocking of hydrogen on metallic hydrides, and he is renowned for his researches on physicochemical processes of recycling, whose main patents were followed by innovative industrial applications.

He showed the principles of humanist ecology on a large scale, by organizing and directing consortia and programs of international cooperation, and by developing the Gaia movement. Independently or in network, many initiatives and associations Gaia freely germinated worldwide, where Marc Carl, since 1979, personally trained or helped several hundred of animators and persons in charge. He provided advice, models, ideas of activities, encouragement, financial and material assistance, encouraging to free transmit the experience of some at the service of others.In 1998, a part of this network constituted the Gaia Mater NGO, which became the free common server of a free eco-humanist network, opened to all, which develops citizen initiative and sharing of resources, promoting an environmental and societal improvement worldwide.

Through this NGO, between 2002 and 2006, Marc Carl made known the philosophic and practical bases of humanist ecology to governments and to political parties of several countries, which expressed their thanks and their encouragements. In France, he transmitted these bases to the Presidency of the Republic, to the Ministry of Ecology, and to several political parties (including UMP), humanist ecology being officially presented by the French authorities as a governmental project with a worldwide exemplary vocation.

In his modern vision of eco-humanism, Marc CARL insisted on the necessary research of peace and union of mankind, in a solidary worldwide society. That is why, according to his impulse, the Gaia Mater network launched a campaign of precautionary information in 2006 towards the UNO, the European Union, the USA, and the big nonWestern countries such as Russia, China, India, Brazil, to prevent the dangers of a catastrophist environmental propaganda. In several reports, Marc Carl explained that such a propaganda can cause an international conflictuality and a socio-environmental destabilization under false scientific pretexts. His analysis was corroborated by the opposition of many scientists against climato-alarmist theories, and by calls to caution on behalf of big moral and religious references, notably pope Benedict XVI. State leaders, such as the German chancellor Helmut Schmidt and the President of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus, introduced too their opposition to a scientifically contestable climato-alarmist propaganda, carried actually by occult political and economic interests.

Some dates :
*- in 1974, he is vice General Secretary of the SNEAM (National Syndicate of Martial Arts Teachers) in France
*- in 1979, he is President of the AFPEN (French Agency of Promotion of New Energies)
*- from 1981 till 1997, he manages various industrial or research organizations in Europe
*- in 1998, he is founder and first President of the Gaia Mater NGO, he publishes the first version of the "Speeches on Humanist Ecology ", and he becomes an organizer and a trainer of the world Gaia network executives.

The main books of Marc CARL relative to humanist ecology :
*- 1998, "Don't throw it any more!" Ed. LEAI
*- 1999, "Eco-knowledges for everybody" Ed. LEAI
*- 2001, "The Humanist Ecology" Ed. des Ecrivains
*- 2002, "Speeches on humanist ecology, 2nd " Ed. LEAI

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