Seymour (surname)

Seymour (surname)

Seymour is the name or partial name of numerous people, places and companies worldwide. It is thought to derive from the contraction of "Saint-Maur," a region in northern France [] . Seymour as a surname may refer to:


* A. J. Seymour, Guyanese writer
* Alan Seymour, Australian playwright and writer
* Benjamin Seymour, Canadian politician
* Brett Seymour, Australian rugby league player
* Carolyn Seymour, English actress
* Charles Seymour, American historian
* Cy Seymour, American baseball player
* David Seymour, the American photographer Chim
* Edward Seymour, several people
* Elizabeth Seymour, sister to Jane Seymour
* Forrest W. Seymour (journalist), American journalist
* Frances Ford Seymour, mother of Jane Fonda and Peter Fonda
* Frederick Seymour, governor of British Columbia
* Gerald Seymour, British writer
* Gordon Seymour, pseudonym of Charles Waldstein
* Henry Seymour, several people
* Hezekiah C. Seymour, NYS Engineer and Surveyor 1850-1851
* Horatio Seymour (1810-1886), Governor of New York
* Horatio Seymour, Jr. (1844-1901), NYS Engineer and Surveyor 1878-1881, nephew of Gov. Horatio Seymour
* Horatio Seymour (Vermont), American politician and senator from Vermont
* James Seymour, British artist
* James M. Seymour, Sr., mayor of Newark, New Jersey
* Jane Seymour, third wife of Henry VIII, King of England
* Jane Seymour (actress), actress known by this stage name
* John Seymour, several people including
** John Seymour (Tudor), father of Elizabeth, Jane and Thomas
** John F. Seymour, American politician
* Kelly Seymour, South African cricketer
* Mark Seymour
* Mary Seymour (Chatsworth) (b. 1548), daughter of Catherine Parr and Thomas, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley
* Michel Seymour, a Québécois philosopher and professor
* Michael Seymour, British admiral
* Miranda Seymour, English writer
* Nick Seymour, Australian bass guitarist
* Paul Seymour (mathematician), mathematician
* Paul Seymour (basketball), American basketball player and coach
* Silas Seymour (1817-1890), NYS Engineer and Surveyor 1856-1857 and 1882-1883
* Stephanie Kulp Seymour (born 1940), U.S. court of appeals judge
* Stephanie Seymour (born 1968), supermodel
* Terri Seymour, a British television presenter and sometime actress
* Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley, brother of Jane Seymour
* Thomas Day Seymour, American classical scholar
* Truman Seymour, American Civil War general and painter
* William Seymour (1870-1922), Pentecostal religious leader
* William Kean Seymour (1887–1975), British writer


* Martin Seymour-Smith, English writer

Middle name

* Francis Seymour Haden, British surgeon and etcher
* Henry Seymour Conway, English politician and general
* Jayne Seymour Fonda, full name of actress Jane Fonda
* Robert Seymour Conway, British classical scholar

Members of the Seymour family

Dukes of Somerset

*Edward Seymour, 1st Duke of Somerset (c. 1500-1552)
*William Seymour, 2nd Duke of Somerset (1588-1660)
*William Seymour, 3rd Duke of Somerset (1654-1671)
*John Seymour, 4th Duke of Somerset (bef. 1646-1675)
*Francis Seymour, 5th Duke of Somerset (1658-1678)
*Charles Seymour, 6th Duke of Somerset (1662-1748)
*Elizabeth Seymour, Duchess of Somerset, wife of 6th Duke
*Algernon Seymour, 7th Duke of Somerset (1684-1750)
*Edward Seymour, 8th Duke of Somerset (1701-1757)
*Edward Seymour, 9th Duke of Somerset (1717-1792)
*Webb Seymour, 10th Duke of Somerset (1718-1793)
*Edward St Maur, 11th Duke of Somerset (1775-1855)
*Edward Adolphus Seymour, 12th Duke of Somerset (1804-1885)
*Archibald Seymour, 13th Duke of Somerset (1810-1891)
*Algernon St. Maur, 14th Duke of Somerset (1813-1894)
*Algernon Seymour, 15th Duke of Somerset (1846-1923)
*Edward Seymour, 16th Duke of Somerset (1860-1931)
*Evelyn Seymour, 17th Duke of Somerset (1882-1954)
*Percy Seymour, 18th Duke of Somerset (1910-1984)
*John Seymour, 19th Duke of Somerset (b. 1952)
*Sebastian Seymour, Lord Seymour (b. February 3 1982)

Marquesses of Hertford

*Francis Seymour-Conway, 1st Marquess of Hertford (1718-1794) (was 2nd Baron Conway, created Earl of Hertford in 1750 and Marquess of Hertford in 1793)
*Francis Seymour-Conway, 2nd Marquess of Hertford (1743-1822)
*Francis Seymour-Conway, 3rd Marquess of Hertford (1777-1842)
*Richard Seymour-Conway, 4th Marquess of Hertford (1800-1870)
*Francis Seymour, 5th Marquess of Hertford (1812-1884)
*Hugh Seymour, 6th Marquess of Hertford (1843-1912)
*George Seymour, 7th Marquess of Hertford (1871-1940)
*Hugh Seymour, 8th Marquess of Hertford (1930-1997)
*Henry Seymour, 9th Marquess of Hertford (b. 1958)

Earls of Hertford

*Edward Seymour, 1st Earl of Hertford (1538-1621)
*William Seymour, 2nd Duke of Somerset was 2nd Earl of Hertford (1588-1660)
*Francis Seymour-Conway, 1st Marquess of Hertford (1718-1794) (was 2nd Baron Conway, created Earl of Hertford in 1750 and Marquess of Hertford in 1793)

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