Refer (software)

Refer (software)

refer is a program for managing bibliographic references,and citing them in troff documents.It is implemented as a troff preprocessor.

refer was written by Mike E. Lesk at Bell Laboratories [Michael Lesk. Some applications of inverted indexes on the Unix system. In "UNIX Programmer's manual: Supplementary Documents", volume 2. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, seventh edition, 1982. Also available online [] ] in or before 1978,and is now available as part of most Unix-like operating systems.A free reimplementation exists as part of the groff package.

refer works with a "reference file", a text file where the authorlists works to which she might want to refer to.One such reference (to an article in a journal in this case)might look like:

%A Brian W. Kernighan %A Lorinda L. Cherry %T A System for Typesetting Mathematics %J J. Comm. ACM %V 18 %N 3 %D March 1978 %P 151-157 %K eqn

The author then can refer to it in her troff document by listing keywordswhich uniquely match this reference:

. [ kernighan cherry eqn .]

refer sees little use today, primarily because troff itself is not used much forlonger technical writing that might need software support forreference and citation management.


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* [ Some Applications of Inverted Indexes on the UNIX System] (PostScript)
* [ AIX man page for refer(1)]

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