The Queen of Spades (1916 film)

The Queen of Spades (1916 film)

name = The Queen of Spades

imdb_id = 0007183
director = Yakov Protazanov
writer = Aleksandr Pushkin
Yakov Protazanov
Fyodor Otsep
starring = Ivan Mozzhukhin
producer =
music =
cinematography = Yevgeni Slavinsky
distributor =
released = 1916
country = Russian Empire
runtime = 84 min.
language = Silent film
Russian intertitles

"The Queen of Spades" ( _ru. Пиковая дама, Pikovaya dama) is a 1916 film adaptation of the Aleksandr Pushkin short story of the same name, noted for high producer and operator culture, with the psychological depth of actor's game, first of all of Ivan Mozzhukhin. It was one of the best pre-revolutionary films.

Film was the second production (first was the silent film adaptation of the Pyotr Tchaikovsky opera) of mystical novel of Aleksandr Pushkin, named by critics as "monumental". Director used the receptions, unexpected for those times, like retrospection, visions of heroes (as if the prototypes of the stream of consciousness), the combination shot.


* Hermann - Ivan Mozzhukhin
* Lizaveta - Vera Orlova
* The Countess as a young woman - Tamara Duvan
* The Countess - Yelizaveta Shebueva
* The Count St. Germain - Nikolai Panov
* The Count - Pavel Pavlov

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