Campaign Cartographer

Campaign Cartographer
Example of a fantasy map generated using Campaign Cartographer.

Campaign Cartographer is a Windows program created by ProFantasy Software originally in 1993, designed to draw maps for role playing and miniature war games. The CAD engine is based on FastCAD, although most of code is written by the publishers. It includes a variety of add-ons for different genres, including fantasy, modern and science fiction.[1] Campaign Cartographer 3, was released on 30 June 2006 and has since been updated 9 times. There are currently 9 add-ons for Campaign Cartographer; 6 drawing add-ons that add tools, templates, and symbol catalogs and 3 symbol set add-ons consisting of thousands of symbols.


City Designer 3

City Designer 3 is the add-on to CC3 for drawing settlements of any size. It contains approximately 2000 symbols, and drawing tools such as House Builder, Street Builder, Street Indexer, and automatic Floorplan Creator.

Dungeon Designer 3

Dungeon Designer 3 is a ProFantasy Software add-on program for Campaign Cartographer 3. It is designed to create dungeon maps for role playing and miniature wargames. The tools can be used to map corridors, caves and rooms in different shapes and sizes. It has about 1,000 total symbols organized into multiple symbol catalogs for different genres, including fantasy, modern and science fiction. The symbols are context sensitive, so a door can align to and cut a wall, and rocks will rotate, scale and be selected randomly.

Character Artist Pro

Character Artist Pro can be used to create portraits of characters for their games. The available races include human, elf, dwarf, or various humanoid monsters. Icons are selected to choose the race and sex, then body parts and clothes are chosen to build a portrait. These can be rescaled, then outfitted with weapons, armour and containers. Portraits can be added to counters, or used to create silhouettes or make stand-up card figures.

Dioramas Pro

Dioramas Pro allows the user to create 3D terrain and props.

Dioramas Pro helps you design anything from the most complex fortress to the simplest hovel, from dungeons to starships, to virtually anything you can imagine. And you don’t have to be a modelling genius. All you need do is plug together basic nets (cut-outs) to give you any number of final models. The cut-lines, glue-tabs and fold-lines are pre-marked for supreme simplicity. But if you do fumble, it’s not a problem. Start again and all you’ve lost is some card and a bit of printer ink.

Dioramas Pro's template printing functions allow you to model at all popular miniature scales with no re-drawing necessary. From a single drawing, you can create 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, and 30mm scale models at the touch of a button.

Cosmographer 3

Cosmographer 3 includes new templates, map styles, drawing tools, textures, and several thousand symbols to create and detail galactic, sector, system, planetary, regional, starport and starship plans for any game set in space.

You can create Starship Deckplans ◦Automatically create multideck starship drawings, all linked together, in a choice of styles. ◦Draw one side of a hull with straight and curved elements, and see it mirrored in real time. ◦Lay out corridors, pipes and similar structures with perfect corners and angles using connecting symbols.

Starmaps ◦Create fixed perspective 3D star maps - simply place a star or planet, and move it up or down to create a 3D star symbol. ◦Includes a large real-world starmap. ◦Connect star symbols with lines denoting their separation in light years. ◦Create 2D star maps in three styles, including detailed Traveller maps. ◦Use the Traveller starmap generator to create hundreds of sector and subsector maps in seconds.

Solar Systems ◦Create stunning solar system maps in three styles including the Traveller 5 inner/outer/remote schema.

World and Surface Maps ◦Create world maps with symbols and terrain based on satellite imagery. ◦For speedy map making, create hex maps by painting on hex symbols. ◦Make local area maps of landing sites and settlements.

Cosmographer and Traveller® support Cosmographer has been approved for use with Traveller® and comes with numerous templates and examples for your mapping needs in the universe of the Third Imperium and other Traveller settings. Best of all, you can import Traveller system data into Cosmographer 3 templates and create maps of your favorite sectors with just a few mouse clicks.

Thousands of symbols Cosmographer 3 provides a huge number of vector and bitmap symbols for use in a large variety of maps.

Perspectives Pro

The Perspectives Pro add-on for Campaign Cartographer enables you to rapidly and simply create realistic 3D isometric views of your floorplans. Perspectives Pro is very easy to learn, yet powerful and contains 1000+ 3D symbols ready to use.

You can: ◦Draw floors, walls and rooms directly in isometric view. ◦Create textured surfaces using predefined settings. ◦Create your own textures. ◦Add solids and holes using cones, cylinders, 3D boxes and polygons. ◦Add a wide variety of symbols. ◦Create your own Per Pro symbols. ◦Convert existing 2D plans to Perspectives Pro. ◦Give 2D objects depth by extruding them.

Symbol Set 1, Fantasy Overland

Symbol Set 1, Fantasy Overland, adds four new symbol styles to CC3. There are more than 2,500 new symbols in SS1. You use these symbols exactly like any other CC3 Pro symbol - pick one from the onscreen symbol catalog and click to place it anywhere. Smart symbols help you create a natural, organic look, automatically adding slight random variation as you place them.

Symbol Set 2, Fantasy Floorplans

Symbol Set 2, Fantasy Floorplans expands CC3 with over 2500 new symbols in four distinctive styles that range from photo-realistic to handdrawn. There are bitmap and vector, fantasy and hand-drawn styles of furnishings, fixtures, traps, treasure and sundry items. Also included are 150 monsters and characters; ideal for counters and encounters.

Symbol Set 3, Modern

Symbol Set 3, Modern is for creating modern overland and floorplan maps. All the drawing tools and symbols are easily accessed from a new Symbol Set 3 menu, which adds into Campaign Cartographer and any add-ons installed.

For overland maps there are approximately 70 symbols and 50 drawing tools, similar in style to that used by governmental mapping agencies.

For floorplans there are more than 1050 symbols of present-day objects for close-up scenes of houses, offices, public buildings and city streets.

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