1934 in New Zealand

1934 in New Zealand


* Estimated Population as of 31 December: 1,558,400 http://www.stats.govt.nz/NR/rdonlyres/24107FC8-E7B5-4CF2-B17C-15E31CCA7D05/0/HistoricalPop.xls]
* Increase since previous 31/12/1933: 11,300 (0.73%)
* Males per 100 Females: 103.3


Regal and Vice Regal

*Head of State - George V
*Governor-General - The Lord Bledisloe GCMG KBE PC [Statistics New Zealand: "New Zealand Official Yearbook, 1990". ISSN 0078-0170 page 52]


The 24th New Zealand Parliament continued with the coalition of the United Party and the Reform Party.

*Speaker of the House - Charles Statham (Independent)
*Prime Minister - George William Forbes
*Minister of Finance - Gordon Coates (Reform Party)
*Minister of Foreign Affairs - George William Forbes
*Attorney-General - George William Forbes

Parliamentary opposition

* Leader of the Opposition - Michael Joseph Savage (Labour Party). [Cite web|url=http://www.elections.org.nz/democracy/leaders-opposition.html|title=Elections NZ - Leaders of the Opposition|accessdate=2008-04-06]

Main centre leaders

*Mayor of Auckland - George Hutchison
*Mayor of Hamilton - John Robert Fow
*Mayor of Wellington - Thomas Hislop
*Mayor of Christchurch - Daniel Giles Sullivan
*Mayor of Dunedin - Edwin Thomas Cox


* 6 February: Treaty house and grounds at Waitangi dedicated as a national reserve.
* 28 June: Third session of the 24th Parliament commences.Lambert & Palenski: "The New Zealand Almanac", 1982. ISBN 0908570554]
* 10 November: Third session of the 24th Parliament concludes.
* Banknotes issued by the new Reserve Bank replace those issued by the Trading Banks, see New Zealand pound.

Arts and literature

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Appointments and awards

See: New Zealand Order of Merit , Order of New Zealand
*Archbishop of New Zealand
*Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia , see appointments to Diocese


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Horse racing



* the Bledisloe Cup was won by Australia, with one win and one draw.
* The Ranfurly Shield changed hands twice: Canterbury lost their first defence to Hawkes Bay 0-9. Hawkes Bay defended the shield against Wanganui 39-16 and Taranaki 23-8 before losing it to Auckland 14-18.

Rugby league

New Zealand national rugby league team


* Chatham Cup won by Thistle (Auckland)


* 10 February: Fleur Adcock, poet.
* 9 April: Bill Birch, politician.
* 1 August: John Beck, cricketer.
* 22 October: Donald McIntyre, opera singer.
* 13 November: Peter Arnett, TV journalist, Pulitzer Prize winner.
* 26 December: Don Hunn, diplomat and civil servant.

* Pamela Allen, children's book illustrator.
* Matiu Rata, politician.
* Peter Wilkinson, politician.


* 6 May: Sir Henry Wigram, businessman and politician.
* 22 June: James Courtney, soldier.
* 13 July: Kate Sheppard, suffragette.

* Carlo Bergamini, sculptor
* Thomas Davey, politician.
* George Fowlds, politician.
* Sir Edwin Mitchelson, politician.


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"For world events and topics in 1934 not specifically related to New Zealand see": 1934

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