Synaesthesia (disambiguation)

Synaesthesia (disambiguation)

Synesthesia (also, synaesthesia) is a perceptual experience in which a stimulus in one modality gives rise to an experience in different sensory modality.

Synesthesia may also refer to:

*Synæsthesia, an industrial music band.
*Synesthesia, an album by Buck 65.
*"Synaesthesia", a song by The Bobs.
*"Synesthesia", a song by AFI.
*"Synaesthesia", a dance single by The Thrillseekers.
*"Synesthesia", a song by Porcupine Tree.
*"Synesthesia", a Japanese film directed by Toru Matsuura. Also called "Gimme Heaven".
*"Detective Wanda "Synaesthesia" Jackson", a character from the "Top 10" comic book.
*"Synaesthete", a music video game.

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