Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences

Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences

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"Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences" is an academic journal published by the Office for History of Science and Technology at University of California, Berkeley devoted to the study of the intellectual and social history of the physical sciences (including physics, chemistry, and astronomy) and the biological sciences (including biology, biophysics, and genetics), from the 17th century to the modern era.

The journal was founded by Russell McCormmach, who edited its first ten annual volumes, which bore the title "Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences". John L. Heilbron took over as editor in 1980 and in 1985 added "Biological" to the title in an effort to encourage more disciplinary variety in submissions. In 2008 Cathryn Carson will take over as head of the editorial committee and the title will change again, this time to 'Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences'.

Its early annual volumes included seminal articles by Thomas Kuhn, John L. Heilbron, and Paul Forman, as well as influential forewords by McCormmach. It published biannually under Heilbron and beginning in 2008 will become a quarterly.

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* [http://www.ucpressjournals.com/journal.asp?jIssn=0890-9997 Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences] journal at the University of California Press.
* [http://ohst.berkeley.edu/publications/HSPS.html HSPS information (including submission information) from UC Berkeley]
* [http://ohst.berkeley.edu/publications/HSPScontents.html HSPS tables of contents from volume 11 onward]

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