Revelation (disambiguation)

Revelation (disambiguation)

Revelation or revelations may refer to:
* A revelation as a communication from the divine
* Revelation as in prophecy

Religious Texts

* The Book of Revelation in the Bible

Literature, drama, and fiction

* "Revelation" (Carol Berg novel), a novel by Carol Berg
* The Fifth Epochal Revelation in "The Urantia Book"
* "Revelation Space", a science fiction-universe by Alastair Reynolds
* "The Book of Revelation" (novel), a novel by Rupert Thomson
* "Cyber Girls Revelations" , the 3rd part or project of the Cyber Girls manga
*"Revelation" (Star Wars novel), the eighth book in the Legacy of the Force series
* "Revelation" (short story), written by Flannery O'Connor
* "Revelation", a poem by Scottish poet and dramatist, Liz Lochhead
* "Revelations", the signature piece of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and the opus of its founder, Alvin Ailey
* "Revelations", a 2005 comic book series by Dark Horse Comics
* , a Wildstorm comic book limited series

Film and television

* "Revelations" "(Babylon 5)", an episode of the television series "Babylon 5"
* "Revelations" "(Battlestar Galactica)", an episode from the science-fiction series "Battlestar Galactica"
* "Revelations" (TV miniseries), a 2005 NBC miniseries starring Bill Pullman
* "Revelations" "(Buffy" episode), an episode of the TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
* "Revelations" "(Sliders)", an episode of the TV series "Sliders"
* "Revelations" "(Stargate SG-1)", an episode of the TV series "Stargate SG-1"
* "Revelations" "(The X-Files)", an episode of the TV series "The X-Files"
* "Revelation 6:8", an episode of the TV series ""
* Revelations, the third of Jake "The Snake" Roberts' three snakes
* "Revelations - The Initial Journey", a 2002 TV series, produced by Cloud 9 in New Zealand
* "Revelations", a late night Granada Television soap opera that ran for 5 months in 1994
* "Revelations" "(Ōban Star-Racers)", an episode of the animated TV series "Ōban Star-Racers"
* "", a 2000 documentary film
* "", a 2005 independent "Star Wars" film


* "Revelation" (game), a tabletop role playing game
* "", a PlayStation One RPG
* "", a Game Boy Color RPG
* "", a computer game in the Myst franchise
* "", a lesser known MUD for Windows
* The Revelation, a computer virus which takes place in the storyline of "Uplink"


* "Revelations" (Red Jezebel album)
* Black Holes and Revelations, the fourth studio album by English rock band Muse
* The Revelations, a British-based pop/soul girl group
* Revelation (band), a doom metal band from Maryland on Hellhound Records
* "Revelation", a song from the 1980 Ozzy Osbourne album Blizzard of Ozz
* "Revelations" (Iron Maiden song), a song from the 1983 Iron Maiden album "Piece of Mind"
* "Revelations" (Killing Joke album), the 1982 album by Killing Joke
* "Revelations" (Special Ed album), a 1995 album by the rapper Special Ed
* "Revelations" (Vader album), a 2002 album by the death metal band Vader
* "Revelation" (Joe Nichols album), a 2003 album by the country music artist Joe Nichols
* "Revelations" (album), a 2006 album by the American rock band Audioslave
** Revelations (song), a song by Audioslave
* "Revelation" (Journey album), a 2008 album by Journey and their first with lead singer Arnel Pineda
* "Revelations" (Wynonna Judd album), a 1996 album by Wynonna
* Revelation (song), a song by D12
* Revelation Records, a record label
* "Revelation", a song from the 1967 Love album Da Capo, which at almost nineteen minutes long takes up half the album
* "Revelation (Divus Pennae Ex Tragoedia)" , a song on Symphony X's 2007 album, "Paradise Lost"

Other uses

* Revelation TV, a British Christian television channel
* "Révélation$", a 2001 book by investigative reporter Denis Robert and Ernest Backes concerning banking giant Clearstream
* Revelation Rock-Gospel Choirs, a charity and the network of student choirs it supports in Europe
* Revelation (cocktail)

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