Rolling start

Rolling start

A rolling start is one of two modes of initiating or restarting an auto race; the other mode is the standing start. In a rolling start, the cars are ordered on the track and are led on a certain number of laps (parade or caution laps) at a pre-determined safe speed by the safety car or pace car. When race conditions are ready, the safety car will leave the track, and the race marshal will show the green flag, indicating that the field is allowed to accelerate. The safety car typically leaves the track some distance before the finish line, and a few seconds may elapse between the safety car's departure and the showing of the green flag. Cars must wait for the green flag to accelerate to race speeds. In the past, drivers would need to look for the flag, but in modern times this information is typically communicated to drivers via two-way radio.

Rolling starts are often accompanied by several rules to prevent drivers from getting an unfair advantage during the start of the race. For example, in NASCAR, drivers on the inside line cannot overtake cars on the outside until they have passed the start line. Drivers must stay behind the pace car and maintain their position within the field, unless entering the pits or given leave to go around. Furthermore, as the green flag nears and the pace car exits the track, drivers must maintain speed and position. The lead driver cannot slow excessively to force trailing cars to bunch up, which would give the leader a jump on the restart.

Motorsports utilising a rolling start include NASCAR, sportscar racing, and several worldwide touring car championships. Formula sports tend to avoid the rolling start for the initial start of the race, mostly because of the physics and technology behind the sport (for example, being too close to the car in front for too long can cause overheating and engine problems), but also because of the quicker acceleration times, and bigger dangers behind accidents within the sport. However, the Indy Racing League does use rolling starts. fix
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The initial start of the race may organize the cars in specific lines. For instance, NASCAR races start double file, and the Indy 500 starts triple file. Restarts, however, are often only single file, but lapped cars may form a second line on the inside.

Virtually all restarts in motorsports are held as rolling starts for time constraints; it is much quicker to get the cars to go on a rolling restart than a standing start. Formula One has a rule stating that in case of an excessively wet track, a rolling start may be used to start the race with the cars behind the safety car. In such cases, laps start counting immediately.

Some Formula One races—1997 and 2000 at Spa, Belgium, 2003 at Interlagos, Brazil and Fuji, Japan, 2007 and 2008 Monza, Italy—started with a rolling start because of weather concerns. They were not proper rolling starts because they started the race behind the safety car and so when racing properly started, they took the line in single file.

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