caption=Kubik featured (background, left) on the cover of Fantastic Four #351 (vol. 1. Apr. 1991) Art by Mark Bagley.
real_name= None
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Tales of Suspense" #79 (vol. 1, Jul. 1966) (as Cosmic Cube) "Avengers" #289 (vol. 1, Mar. 1988) (as Kubik)
creators=Stan Lee (story) & Jack Kirby (art)
status=Unknown; presumed active
alliances= Kosmos
previous_alliances=The Shaper of Worlds
aliases=The Cosmic Cube
relatives= none known
powers=Reality alteration|

Kubik is a cosmic entity that appears in the Marvel Universe. The character first appears as a Cosmic Cube in "Tales of Suspense" #79 (vol. 1, Jul. 1966), and as Kubik in "Avengers" #289 (vol. 1, Mar. 1988). The concept was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and refined by Ralph Machio.

Fictional character biography

Kubik, pupil of the Shaper of Worlds, first appears on Earth in its transitional humanoid form when attracted by an anomaly possessing a fraction of its power, which is revealed to be the robot the Super Adaptoid. Once Kubik finds the Adaptoid, the robot copies Kubik's abilities and banishes it. Becoming all-powerful, the Adaptoid begins to create a race in its own image, until tricked into shutting down by Captain America. ["Avengers" #289 - 290 (vol. 1, Mar. - Apr. 1988)]

Kubik later appears in its current form and battles the renegade entity the Beyonder, and helps to neutralize him. Kubik reveals to the Beyonder and the Molecule Man that they were both parts of an incomplete Cube, and convinces them to merge their powers, which forms a new being called Kosmos. ["Fantastic Four" #319 (vol. 1, Oct. 1988)] Kubik, now an explorer and philosopher, then accepts Kosmos as a pupil, and takes Kosmos on a tour of the universe. ["Fantastic Four" Annual #23 (1990)] When the Molecule Man strips Kosmos of the power he gave the entity, Kubik persuades him to restore it, and then departs, having fallen in love with Kosmos. ["Thanos" #10 (Apr. 2003)]

Powers and abilities

Like all Cosmic Cubes, Kubik possesses the ability to manipulate extra-dimensional energy to alter reality to achieve virtually any effect. Upon reaching maturity, a cube takes on humanoid form with its behavior modeled after the individuals who have possessed it. Kubik's chest also displays a holographic representation of a Cosmic Cube. Kubik has demonstrated power sufficient to overpower the Beyonder, or attain galactic stature,"Fantastic Four" #319] but nonetheless once told Kosmos that the Celestials surpass it in power, ["Fantastic Four" Annual #23 (1990)] and the Molecule Man previously mentioned Eternity and the Living Tribunal."Fantastic Four" #319]


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