Shakedown (testing)

Shakedown (testing)

A shakedown is a period of testing or a trial journey undergone by a ship, aircraft or other craft and its crew before being declared operational.

Example procedures

Racing Cars

Most racing cars require a "shakedown" test before being used at a race meeting. For example, on May 3 2006, Luca Badoer performed shakedowns on all three of Ferrari's Formula One cars at Fiorano. This was in preparation for the European Grand Prix at the Nürburgring. Badoer is a Ferrari F1 test driver. The main drivers then were Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa.


Aircraft shakedowns check avionics, flight controls, all systems, as well as the general airframe airworthiness.


Shakedown for a ship is generally referred to as a Sea trial.

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