Sustainable habitat

Sustainable habitat

A sustainable habitat is an ecosystem that produces food and shelter for people and other organisms, without resource depletion and in such a way that no external waste is produced. Thus the habitat can continue into future time without external infusions of resource. Such a sustainable habitat may evolve naturally or be produced under the influence of man (such as a restored biosphere).

A sustainable habitat that is created and designed by human intelligence will mimic nature, if it is to be successful. Everything within it is connected to a complex array of organisms, physical resources and functions. Organisms from many different biomes can be brought together to fulfill various ecological niches.

Often the term refers to sustainable human habitats, which typically involve some form of green building or environmental planning.

In creating the sustainable habitats, environmental scientists, designers, engineers and architects must consider no element as a waste product to be disposed of somewhere off site, but as a nutrient stream for another process to feed on. Researching ways to interconnect waste streams to production creates a more sustainable society by minimizing pollution.

People are encouraged by seed companies to grow their “more efficient” crops which represent a small genetic pool. Fewer farmers are now growing traditional varieties that have co-evolved to suit a particular locale. Biodiversity is a key element of a sustainable habitat.

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