Sónar is a annual three-day music festival held in Barcelona, Spain. It is described officially as a festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art. Music is by far the main aspect of the festival.The festival runs for three days and nights, usually starting on a Thursday in the third week of June. The fifthteenth edition of the Sónar festival will be held on the 19th, 20th, & 21st of June 2008. Annually there are around 80,000 visitors to the festival.

The official website describes the festival as 'Three days and three nights in touch with the most up-to-date developments and featuring the most relevant national and international artists.' 'Sónar is the essential meeting point for an alert public, cutting-edge artists and the most influential professionals from the sectors of music and modern arts.'

ónar by Day

Sónar By Day takes place in the Center of Contemporary Culture (CCCB) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) very near to La Rambla. It usually starts around Midday and continues until around 10pm for each of the three days of the festival.

The 'By Day' festival features Live Concerts, DJs, Multimedia Art, Record / Clothes Fairs, Technology Demos, The Sónar Cinema and various other activities.

onedotzero regularly anchored the sonar cinema section from the late nineties for around 5 years.

Official areas of Sónar by Day : SonarVillage. SonarPro. SonarLab. SonarCinema. Record Fair. Editorial Fair. Conferences and Debates. SonarComplex. SonarDome. Exhibitions. SonarMática. Sonarama.

ónar by Night

Sónar by Night takes place away from the centre of Barcelona, there are special coaches put in place to transport festival goers to the huge venue (Gran Vía (M2).Av. Botànica, 62).

Sónar by Night has 4 locations occupied by distinguished national and international names from the world of electronic music. Each night DJs, VDJs and concerts from the broadest spectrum of dance music appear simultaneously in the 4 areas. Sónar by Night occupies an area of more than 10,000 meters, divided between covered and open-air spaces.


The festival's lineups tend to favour Electronica (in the broadest sense of the term). This includes Techno, House, Electro, IDM, HipHop and various other experimental and Avant Garde types of music.

The twelfth edition of Sónar ran from the 16th - 18th June in 2005. Songs of artists that played in 2005 were released on a double CD compilation titled "Sónar 2005" which went on sale in Spain on June 10. This covered several genres. [http://www.sonar.es/portal/eng/music.cfm?id_sonarmusic=21] . This event also included themed presentations such as "Barcelona, Cuisine and Gastronomy 2005-2006." [http://www.365mag.com/index.php?pg=news&recnum=2467&Title=Sonar+Is+Coming+on+365Mag+International+Music+Magazine] .

There are many international acts, as well as a selection of Spanish artists.

Artists that have performed at Sónar within the last few years include:

*Aphex Twin
*Beans (rapper)
*Beastie Boys
*Cut Chemist
*De La Soul
*DJ Krush
*DJ Yoda
*Hot Chip
*Jamie Lidell
*Jeff Mills
*Laurent Garnier
*LCD Soundsystem
*Luke Vibert
*Matthew Herbert
*Miss Kittin
*Pascal Kleiman
*Pet Shop Boys
*Prefuse 73
*Richie Hawtin
*The Chemical Brothers

ee also

*Music festivals

External links

* [http://www.sonar.es/portal/eng/home.cfm Official Website]
* [http://www.sonar.es/2007/eng/s2007.cfm All the information regarding the Sónar 2007 edition ]
* [http://www.sonar.es/2007/eng/prog/concerts_pre.cfm Sónar 2007 complete music programm]
* [http://www.sonar.es/2007/eng/imagen.cfm all the information regarding the Sónar 2007 image]
* [http://rbmaradio.com/ARCHIVE.153.0.php?extID=0&showID=589 RBMA Radio On Demand - Sonar Sessions 2007 - Blackcoffee (Soulistic, South Africa)]
* [http://rbmaradio.com/ARCHIVE.153.0.php?extID=0&showID=561 RBMA Radio On Demand - Sonar Sessions 2007 - Flying Lotus (Warp/Plug Research, Los Angeles)]
* [http://rbmaradio.com/ARCHIVE.153.0.php?extID=0&showID=588 RBMA Radio On Demand - Sonar Sessions 2007 - Stranjah (Metalheadz/Breakbeat Assassins, Canada)]
* [http://www.samurai.fm/sonar Live performances from Sonar on www.samurai.fm]
* [http://krass.com/wiki/sonar Sónar on krass.com] Photos, Flyers and Information about Sónar on the krass.com wiki

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