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505 Games

505 Games, formerly known as 505 Game Street, is the video game publishing division of Italian company Digital Bros. 505 currently publishes games in PAL territories for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, PSP, Game Boy Advance and Windows operating system, and previously for the PlayStation and Xbox, most of which are licensed from Japanese developers.

Some of the more high-profile games published by the company include "Cooking Mama", ', ', ', ' and titles in the "Bust-a-Move" series. Additionally they publish certain more obscure niche titles, such as the games "Graffiti Kingdom" and "", which may not have gained a PAL release otherwise.

In addition to the full-price games, the company also published the Simply 20 line of budget titles for the PlayStation 2, most of which originate from D3 Publisher's Simple 2000 series. The range also includes games from companies other than D3, notably a large number of 2D shoot-em-ups licensed through Taito. However, D3 Publisher of Europe now has the European publishing rights to the Simple series, and it appears 505's Simply 20 line has been discontinued because of this.

505 Games are also involved with the GameTribe online gaming portal, which contains Asian imports such as Bust a Move Online, Kicks, KongKong and Dream of Mirror Online.

However, the company has been criticized for their unclear publishing methods; the PAL-versions of Ar Tonelico and Raw Danger for example are officially released, but seem to have seen such a limited release only in France and Italy that many people are unsure of their very existence. Wild Arms 5 on the other hand has been announced at first for November 30th, 2007, then been delayed until February 22nd, 2008, only to be released on Aprill 11th, 2008 in such limited quantities as the before mentioned games. In addition, Wild Arms 5 was never released in Australia (another PAL terrority). Its predecessor Wild Arms 4 was also published by 505 Games, but suffered from a bug that would make the game crash if played in 50 Hz-mode.

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* [http://www.505games.co.uk Official Website]
* [http://fuji.drillspirits.net/505 Game list] - includes release dates and Japanese names (no longer updated as of June 2007)

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