In Computer Science, an ABox is an "assertion component"—a fact associated with a terminological vocabulary within a knowledge base.

The terms ABox and TBox are used to describe two different types of statements in ontologies. TBox statements describe a system in terms of controlled vocabularies, for example, a set of classes and properties. ABox are TBox-compliant statements about that vocabulary.

Tbox statements are sometimes associated with object-oriented classes and Abox statements associated with instances of those classes.

Together ABox and TBox statements make up a knowledge base.

Examples of ABox and TBox statements

ABox statements typically have the form:

"A is an instance of B"or "John is a Person"

This should be contrasted with Tbox statements or (statements) about terminology such as:

"All Students are Persons"or "There are two types of Persons: Students and Teachers"

TBox statements tend to be more permanent within a knowledge base and tend to be stored in a data model or a metadata registry. In contrast, ABox statements are much more dynamic in nature and tend to be stored as instance data within transactional systems within relational databases.

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