Kpelle people

Kpelle people

The Kpelle are the largest ethnic group of the West African nation of Liberia, and are important also in southeastern Guinea (where they are also known as "Guerze"). They speak the Kpelle language.

In Intelligence research, the Kpelle people perform differently than Westerners on sorting tasks. While Westerners tend to take a taxonomic approach, the Kpelle take a more functional approach. For example, instead of grouping food and tools into separate categories, a Kpelle participant stated "the knife goes with the orange because it cuts it" (Glick 1975).

Traditionally, the Kpelle have been farmers. Rice was the main crop they raised. ["Encyclopedia Britannica", 1982 edition, p. 907]


* Stone, Ruth M. (1982). "Let the Inside Be Sweet: The Interpretation of Music Event Among the Kpelle of Liberia". Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press.

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