Benedetto Justiniani

Benedetto Justiniani

Benedetto Justiniani (1550 – 19 December 1622) was a Jesuit theologian and Biblical writer from Genoa, in what is today Italy.

Justiniani entered the Jesuit noviciate at Rome in 1579 and later taught rhetoric in the Roman College, and then theology at Toulouse, Messina, and Rome. For more than twenty years, he served as head of the Roman College and regens of the Sacred Poentiaria (Apostolic Penitentiary). He also filled the post of Chief Preacher to the Pope. Clement VIII appointed him theologian to Thomas Cardinal Cajetan, during the his legation in Poland. Justiniani died at Rome in 1622.


Justiniani's writings include:
*"In omnes B. Pauli Epistolas explanationes", 2 vols.
*"In omnes Catholicas Epistolas explanationes"
*"Apologia pro libertate ecclesiastica ad Gallo-Francos"


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