Lieutenant Governor of South Dakota

Lieutenant Governor of South Dakota

The Lieutenant Governor of South Dakota is the second-ranking member of the executive branch of South Dakota state government, and also serves as presiding officer of the South Dakota State Senate. The lieutenant governor succeeds to the officer of governor if the office becomes vacant, and may also serve as acting governor if the governor is incapacited or absent from the state.

The current lieutenant governor is Dennis Daugaard.

The lieutenant governor is elected on a ticket with the governor. Six lieutenant governors have gone on to be elected governor in their own right: Charles N. Herreid, Frank M. Byrne, Peter Norbeck, William H. McMaster, Carl Gunderson, and Nils Boe. Two others, Harvey L. Wollman and Walter Dale Miller, succeeded to the office of governor when it became vacant, but neither successfully won reelection.

Carole Hillard became the first woman to serve as lieutenant governor when she was elected in 1994.

List of Lieutenant Governors of South Dakota

#Lt. GovernorPartyFromTo
1James H. FletcherRepublican18891891
2George H. HoffmanRepublican18911893
3Charles N. HerreidRepublican18931897
4Daniel T. HindmanRepublican18971899
5John T. KeanRepublican18991901
6George W. SnowRepublican19011905
7John E. McDougallRepublican19051907
8Howard C. ShoberRepublican19071911
9Frank M. ByrneRepublican19111913
10Edward Lincoln AbelRepublican19131915
11Peter NorbeckRepublican19151917
12William H. McMasterRepublican19171921
13Carl GundersonRepublican19211925
14Alva Clark ForneyRepublican19251927
15Hyatt E. CoveyRepublican19271929
16Clarence E. Coyne [Clarence E. Coyne died on May 27, 1929, and John T. Grigsby was appointed to fill the vacancy.]
17John T. GrigsbyDemocrat19291931
18Odell K. WhitneyRepublican19311933
19Hans UstrudDemocrat19331935
20Robert PetersonDemocrat19351937
21Donald McMurchieRepublican19371941
22A. C. MillerRepublican19411945
23Sioux K. GrigsbyRepublican19451949
24Rex A. TerryRepublican19491955
25L. Roy HouckRepublican19551959
26John F. LindleyDemocrat19591961
27Joseph H. Bottum [Joseph H. Bottum was appointed United States Senator on July 9, 1962. No appointment was made to fill the vacancy.] Republican19611962
28Nils BoeRepublican19631965
29Lem OverpeckRepublican19651969
30James AbdnorRepublican19691971
31William DoughertyDemocrat19711975
32Harvey L. Wollman [Harvey L. Wollman succeeded to the office of governor on July 24, 1978 upon the resignation of Governor Richard F. Kneip. No appointment was made to fill the vacancy.] Democrat19751978
33Lowell C. Hansen IIRepublican19791987
34Walter Dale Miller [Walter Dale Miller succeeded to the office of governor on April 19, 1993 after Governor George S. Mickelson was killed in a plane crash. Steve T. Kirby was appointed to fill the vacancy.] Republican19871993
35Steve T. KirbyRepublican19931995
36Carole HillardRepublican19952003
37Dennis DaugaardRepublican2003


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