name = Pandanaceae

image_width = 230px
image_caption = typical screwpine habit
regnum = Plantae
divisio = Magnoliophyta
classis = Liliopsida
ordo = Pandanales
familia = Pandanaceae
familia_authority = R.Br.
subdivision_ranks = Genera
subdivision = see text

Pandanaceae is a family of flowering plants native to the tropics of the Old World. Such a family has been widely recognized by taxonomists.

The APG II system, of 2003 (unchanged from the APG system, 1998), also recognizes this family, and assigns it to the order Pandanales in the clade monocots. It consists of four genera, of which "Pandanus" (the screwpines) is the most important:
*"Freycinetia" Gaudich.
*"Martellidendron" (Pic. Serm.) Callm. & Chassot
*"Pandanus" Parkinson
*"Sararanga" Hemsl.

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* [ Pandanaceae] in L. Watson and M.J. Dallwitz (1992 onwards). " [ The families of flowering plants] : descriptions, illustrations, identification, information retrieval."
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