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Name = Bethany Joy Galeotti

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Background = solo_singer
Birth_name = Bethany Joy Lenz
Born = birth date and age|1981|4|2 Hollywood, Florida, U.S.
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Origin =
Occupation = Actress, singer, songwriter, musician, director
Genre = Pop rock, folk pop
Instrument = Vocal, piano, guitar
Years_active = 1996-present
Label = Limited Edition Independent Records (2002-2005), Epic Records (2005—2006)
URL = [ Official Website on Sony]

Bethany Joy Galeotti (born Bethany Joy Lenz on April 2 1981) is an American singer-songwriter, musician and actress.

As a teenager she honed her vocal skills by training with the Director of The Brooklyn College of Opera and not only plays both the guitar and piano but writes her own music as well. As a singer, she has released two independent albums, titled Preincarnate (2002) (2002) and Come On Home (2005), and is best known for her chart topping duet When the Stars Go Blue and video release of Songs in My Pockets. Deemed a triple-threat, Galeotti now boasts stage credits that include collaborating with Garry Marshall and Carole King on a new musical as well as working with director Arthur Allan Seidelman on a production of "The Outsiders".

As an actress, she is best known for her role as Michelle Bauer Santos on "Guiding Light" (from 1998 to 2000) and for her role as Haley James Scott on "One Tree Hill" (since 2003).

Early life

Bethany Joy Galeotti (formerly Lenz) was born on April 2 1981 in Hollywood, Florida. Galeotti is an only child to her father, Robert Lenz, a history teacher and therapist, and mother, Cathie, a personnel manager and entrepreneur. [cite web |url=| publisher= Welcome to the Joie Luck Club|title=Biography|format= |work= ]

Galeotti's first solo singing performance was at the age of 3, in front of a crowd of three thousand people at the The Carpenter's Church in Lakeland, Florida. At the age of four, Galeotti and her family moved to Arlington, Texas. While attending Pope Elementary there, she was bitten by the acting bug. Immediately after, she performed a twenty minute soliloquy part in "High HopeS and Heavy Sweatshirts". This was performed in a very intimate setting in a Dallas museum. She then landed her first stage role at age seven, playing a Munchkin in a local production of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz".


At the age of 10, Galeotti landed the role of Scout in "To Kill a Mockingbird" at the Irving Community Theater in Texas. During a trip to Los Angeles with her drama school, she landed her first professional job in a commercial for "Swan Crossing," a teen series. Subsequently, Galeotti performed in plays such as Annie", Cinderella and in "". [cite web |url=| publisher =Welcome to the Joie Luck Club|title=Biography|format= |work= ]

When she was 13, she moved with her family to New Jersey and attended the Hawthorne Christian Academy for 1 year. She immediately began auditioning and quickly became a commercial veteran, appearing in commercials for Eggos Waffles and Dr Pepper. It was at this time that she, still going by the name Joy Lenz, changed it to Joie Lenz, which was also used as her stage name. 'Joie' is 'Joy' spelled in French with an English pronunciation. [cite web |url=| publisher =Welcome to the Joie Luck Club|title=Ainsley Harriet Cooking Show |format= |work= ]

At age 15, (during her sophomore year in high school) Galeotti appeared in her first film, Stephen King's "Thinner". Her performance was well-noted in reviews, particularly in the "Associated Press": "One of the highlights of the film was a joy — Joy Lenz."

In March 1998, at 17, she earned a nine episode gig in CBS's soap opera "Guiding Light" where she first appeared as the teenaged clone of Reva Shayne. Galeotti made such an impression on viewers, critics and "Guiding Light" executives alike that she was later recast as Michelle Bauer Santos upon Rebecca Budig's exit. [cite web |url=| publisher =Welcome to the Joie Luck Club|title=Biography|format= |work= ] This was an unusual move and "unheard of" in the industry according to CBS producer Mickey Dwyer-Dobbin.

. While working on the demanding daytime serial "Guiding Light", she graduated from Eastern Christian School in New Jersey in 1999 and landed the role of "Rose Cronin" in "Mary & Rhoda". She also appeared in the off-Broadway musical "Foxy Ladies Love/Boogie 70's Explosion." [cite web |url=| publisher =Welcome to the Joie Luck Club|title=Ainsley Harriet Cooking Show|format= |work= ]

At the time she was juggling a heavy storyline, a television movie, portraying Mary Tyler Moore's daughter, a one-year run of a New York cabaret and the lead in an independent film. Galeotti was then casted as the lead in a much-anticipated WB pilot which unfortunately never went into production. She had also shot two other pilots, one playing the daughter of Paul Sorvino, and one as the lead in the WB's "1972".

In October 2000, at the end of her two year contract with "Guiding Light", Galeotti chose to leave her popular role. Since then, she had a co-starring role in the independent film "The End Of August". She then moved from New York City to Los Angeles where she performed in a theatre production of "The Outsiders", and also guest-starred on many shows such as "Off-Centre", "Charmed", "Felicity", "Maybe It's Me" and "The Guardian". [cite web |url=| publisher =Welcome to the Joie Luck Club|title=Biography|format= |work= ]

In 2003, at age 22, Galeotti was cast in the WB's television series "One Tree Hill" as Haley James, the quintessential girl-next-door, who is best friends with Lucas Scott, portrayed by Chad Michael Murray, and Nathan Scott’s wife, portrayed by James Lafferty. [cite web |url=| publisher =Bethany Joy Lenz Galeotti - One Tree Hill - CW TV Show | Pop Tower|title=Biography|format= |work= ] Upon entering the role of Haley James, Galeotti replaced actress Samantha Shelton's character, Reagan. Approximately around the same time in which she was cast as Haley James, she once again used her original name, Bethany Joy Lenz.

In 2004, Galeotti joined the cast of "Bring It On Again", where she turned in an unforgettable performance as Marni Potts. [cite web |url=| publisher =IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more... |title=Bethany Joy Galeotti|format= |work= ] During this time, Galeotti was also featured in Interview Magazine's "Stars On The Rise" in January.

Galeotti has proven herself not only as a talented actress, but as a musician and a singer. She has a four-octave range, [cite web |url=| publisher =Welcome to the Joie Luck Club|title=Biography|format= |work= ] and since her exit from "Guilding Light" has completed a demo of original music and continues to write screenplays.

Galeotti has recorded two independent records to date. Her first album, entitled "Preincarnate", was released in October 2002. Bethany Joy Galeotti and costar Tyler Hilton joined The Wreckers (Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp) for a 25-city North American "One Tree Hill" tour that started Feb. 28 in Vancouver. The jaunt also featured Gavin DeGraw on select dates. While on tour Galeotti performed some of her original songs from her second independent record. This second album, titled "Come On Home", was sold at the concert venues. During her time off tour, Lenz filmed a video for her song, "Songs In My Pockets", at Coney Island Beach and Astroland in Brooklyn, New York.

Galeotti and Hilton also scored a No. 89 spot on February 2005's Billboard Pop 100 chart with the duet "When the Stars Go Blue." [cite web |url=| publisher =Billboard|title=B&E Tyler Hilton|format= |work= ]

Galeotti has performed her own rendition of the National Anthem at various charity events, including James Lafferty's Annual Basketball Game. In addition, she sung the National Anthem during Lafferty's latest Charity Basketball Game.

In 2006, under the name Haley James Scott, Galeotti recorded the well-known song "Halo", which was released in the second volume of the One Tree Hill Soundtrack. Alongside producer Ron Aniello (Lifehouse, Guster, Barenaked Ladies), Galeotti has also recorded original material for an album with Epic Records, but is no longer affiliated with them. [cite web |url=| publisher =Bethany Joy's Official Music Website on Sony Music|title=Bethany Joy|format= |work= ] Galeotti collaborated with Garry Marshall and Carole King on a new musical as well as working with director Arthur Allan Seidelman on a production of "The Outsiders." In 2006, she wrote and recorded several songs for the soundtrack for "Ten Inch Hero". [cite web |url=| publisher =Ten Inch Hero|title=Mark's Mammoth Music Blog|format= |work=]

Galeotti has recently collaborated with Enation (her husband is the keyboardist) for a newly recorded version of the song "Feel This". Bethany Joy Galeotti sings the lead vocals while Enation plays the music behind her on the finale of the 5th season of One Tree Hill on CW. The airing led to an excited response, helping make "Feel This" the #1 Top Seller on CD Baby upon its debut, one of the largest independent music outlets in the world. "Feel This" is also included in the two song single album that is available on iTunes for downloads. Galeotti is set to make her debut as director of an episode of "One Tree Hill" this upcoming season. [cite web|url=| publisher ="TV Guide"|title=One Tree Hill Exclusive: Lucas and Haley Get Busy!]

Personal life

On December 31 2005, Bethany Joy Lenz married Enation band member Michael Galeotti. For the fifth season finale of "One Tree Hill", Michael Galeotti, the keyboardist of Enation, has joined his wife to record a new version of Feel This.

Bethany Joy Galeotti loves photography, painting, cooking, and horseback riding. She has many dreams that include attending college, movie roles, Broadway, and training at London's prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. And when she is not filming One Tree Hill in Wilmington, North Carolina, she lives in Battle Ground, Washington.



Starring Roles
*"Guiding Light" as Michelle Bauer Santos (1998–2000)
*"Mary and Rhoda" as Rose Cronin (2000)
*"Burning Down the House" (pilot)
*"1972" (pilot)
*"The Legacy" as Jess(pilot)
*"One Tree Hill" as Haley James Scott (2003-present) Guest Starring Roles

*"Guiding Light" as Reva Shayne (1998)
*"Off Centre" as Heather (2001)
*"Charmed" as Lady Julia (2001)
*"Felicity" as Gretchen (2001)
*"Maybe It's Me" as The Salesgirl (2002)
*"The Guardian" as Claire Stasiak (2003)



*"Foxy Ladies Love/Boogie 70's Explosion


*"Psalty: Kids' Praise! 10: Salvation Celebration"
*"Thinner" as Linda Halleck (1996)
*"I Love You, I Love You Not"
*"The End of August" as August Wells (2000)
*"Bring It On Again" as Marni Potts (2004)

Music videos

*"When the Lights Go Out" US version (by the British boyband Five) (1998)
*"When the Stars Go Blue" by Bethany Joy Lenz and Tyler Hilton (2005)
*"Songs in My Pockets" by Bethany Joy (2005)

Critical acclaim

"Soap Opera Weekly", "TV Guide", "Variety", "New York Daily News", "Entertainment Today", have all praised and given rave reviews to Galeotti for her various performances both on television and on stage.


"Latest Recast: What a difference a new actress can make! Joie Lenz (Michelle) has given new life to a once boring character. Since joining the show last year, she has enjoyed instant chemistry with all her co-stars, especially newcomer Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny). She's a big star in the making." — "Soap Opera Update", March 16 1999


"Joie Lenz, you are the master. Years from now film scholars will look upon your role of Marni in Bring It On Again and see a star born. Playing the # 2 Evil Girl henchwoman role, you shine in this dopey cheerleader sequel to Bring it On." — Kevin Hanna, "Entertainment Today", January 13 2004


"Lenz, 23 -- whose character, Haley James Scott, left her husband to tour with The Wreckers -- was the concert's truest actor, but seemed the most real: At one point she asked the crowd for a hair tie to hold back her mane when she switched from guitar to piano. The audience, unprompted, even sang with her on Billy Joel's "Movin' Out," a contrast to later, when Branch and Harp asked them to sing on their "The Good Kind" and got a tepid response. Lenz sang five songs in a 19-minute set, her voice rich like Sarah McLachlan or with a hint of Joni Mitchell as she played guitar on "Crazy Girls." — John J. Moser, Pennsylvania Morning Call, April 2 2005


"The moment I heard Bethany sing I knew she was the real thing. I was blown away by her vocal range and musical ability. We're all really excited to work with Bethany and I have no doubt she'll prove to the world what an amazing talent she is." — Ben Goldman, Sr. VP of Epic Records A & R.



The following is a list of albums and songs that have been performed and recorded by Galeotti.


Infobox Album
Name = Preincarnate
Type = Studio
Artist = Bethany Joy Galeotti

Released = October 2002
Genre = Folk rock
Label = Limited Edition Independent Record
Producer = Barry Solomon and Dave Edwards
Writer = Bethany Joy Galeotti

Preincarnate is a limited edition album released by Bethany Joy Galeotti. In 2002 Galeotti released her first album featuring eight original tracks, all performed and written by Galeotti. This album is no longer available for purchase and distribution. [cite web |url=| publisher =OneTreeHill Music|title=Bethany Joy Discography|format= |work= ]

Track listing

#" [ Overpopulated] "
#" [ 1972] "
#" [ Day After Today] "
#" [ Honestly] "
#" [ Josiah] "
#" [ Don't Walk Away] "
#" [ Las Palmas] "
#" [ Mr. Radioman] "

Come On Home

Infobox Album
Name = Come On Home
Type = Studio
Artist = Bethany Joy Galeotti

Released = on the One Tree Hill Tour in 2005
Genre = Folk rock
Label = Limited Edition Independent Record
Producer =
Writer = Bethany Joy Galeotti

Come On Home is the second studio album released by Bethany Joy Galeotti that features five tracks performed by Galeotti. Included in Galeotti's second studio album is a cover titled "Leaving Town Alive" orginally performed and written by Pancho's Lament (the alter-ego of New York based songwriter/producer Jeff Cohen). The four remaining songs included in this album are written by Galeotti. Galeotti's song "If You're Missing (Come On Home)" is listed as an bonus track.

Track listing

#" [ Songs in my Pockets] "
#" [ Leaving Town Alive] " (Originally by Pancho's Lament)
#" [ Crazy Girls] "
#" [ Sunday Train] "
#" [ If You're Missing (Come on Home)] "

The Starter Kit

Infobox Album
Name = The Starter Kit
Type = Studio
Artist = Bethany Joy Galeotti

Released = Unreleased
Genre = Pop rock
Label = Epic Records
Producer = Ron Aniello
Writer = Bethany Joy Galeotti

Galeotti was going to make her Epic Records debut with the release of her full-length album in early 2006, but unfortunately was dropped. In the studio with producer Ron Aniello (Lifehouse, Guster, Barenaked Ladies), Galeotti worked to released original material.

Track listing

#" [ Songs In My Pockets] "
#" [ Devil Archerist] "
#" [ Then Slowly Grows (Come To Me)] "
#" [ Sunday Storm] "
#" [ Never Gonna Be (C'mon C'mon)] "
# Blue Sky (Originally by Patty Griffin)
# Desperate Gown
# Patient Man


Infobox album
Name = One Tree Hill
Type = soundtrack
Artist = Various artists

Released = January 25, 2005
Genre = Various genres
Label = Maverick

Music from the Television Series "One Tree Hill, Volume 1" is a compilation album, compiled of songs featured in the teen drama "One Tree Hill". It was released on January 25, 2005 One Tree Hill on] under Maverick Records One Tree Hill on] and features a duet sung by Bethany Joy Galeotti and Tyler Hilton.

Track listing

#Gavin DeGraw - "I Don't Want to Be" (live)
#The Wreckers - "The Good Kind"
#Jimmy Eat World - "Kill"
#Travis - "Re-Offender"
#The Get Up Kids - "Overdue"
#Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers - "Funny Little Feeling"
#Tyler Hilton - "Glad" (acoustic)
#22-20s - "Shoot Your Gun"
#Story of the Year - "Sidewalks"
#" [ When the Stars Go Blue] " (with Tyler Hilton; Originally by Ryan Adams)
#Keane - "Everybody's Changing"
#Butch Walker - "Mixtape"
#Sheryl Crow - "The First Cut Is the Deepest" (acoustic)
#Trespassers William - "Lie in the Sound"

=Friends with Benefit=

Infobox Album
Name = Friends with Benefit
Type = soundtrack
Artist = Various artists

Released = February 7, 2006
Genre = Various genres
Length =
Label = Maverick Records

"Friends With Benefit" was released on February 7, 2006 and a portion of the proceeds has been donated to The National Breast Cancer Foundation. "Volume II: Friends With Benefit" features Halo sung and performed by Bethany Joy Galeotti, who is credited as Haley James Scott.

Track listing

#Feeder - "Feeling a Moment"
#Jack's Mannequin - "The Mixed Tape"
#Audioslave - "Be Yourself"
#Nada Surf - "Always Love"
#Gavin DeGraw - "Jealous Guy"
#Citizen Cope - "Son's Gonna Rise"
#Hot Hot Heat - "Middle of Nowhere"
#Tyler Hilton - "Missing You"
#MoZella - "Light Years Away"
#Shout Out Louds - "Please Please Please"
#Fall Out Boy - "I've Got a Dark Alley and a Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song)"
#Jimmy Eat World - "23"
#Haley James Scott - "Halo" (composed by Kara Dioguardi/Matthew Gerrard)
#Michelle Featherstone - "Coffee & Cigarettes"
#Strays Don't Sleep - "For Blue Skies"

ongs from One Tree Hill Tour (2005)

*" [ John & Junior] "
*" [ Oh God / Foolish Heart] "
*"Family Secrets"
*" [ Moving Out] " (Originally by Billy Joel)
*" [ King of Wishful Thinking] " (Originally by Go West)

Songs from One Tree Hill

*" [ Elsewhere] " (Originally by Sarah McLachlan)
*"I Shall Believe" (Originally by Sheryl Crow)
*" [ Let Me Fall] "
*"Let the Fire Start"
*"When the Stars go Blue" (Originally by Ryan Adams)
*"Feel This" (featuring Enation)

ongs from Ten Inch Hero

*The Long Way
*Get Your Love
*Something Familiar

Misc. Songs

*" [ Ebony and Ivory] " (originally by Paul McCartney)
*"All Along" (with Danny The Farrow Anniello)
*" [ Safe] "
*" [ The Lonliness Is Better Near Now] "
*" [ One More Thing] "
*" [ Ophelia] "


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